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Four dogs, four boys and a beautiful house in Venice. Patrick John Flueger’s lifestyle in Los Angeles is a lot more humble and laid back than you might think. Patrick is a true chameleon, and besides ticking all the boxes to being a great actor, he loves nothing more than to return to his abode in Venice.

For his at home feature the talented celebrity photographer Vanessa Viola shot him whilst I interviewed him on his rooftop overlooking the beautiful Venice beach. The budding actor opened up about his double life in Chicago and LA and apparently, there’s one major thing he misses about his home in Venice, “ahh I miss the dogs!”

However, Patrick leads a very different life when he’s in Chiacgo. He currently plays the role of Police Officer Adam Ruzek in NBC’s hit show Chicago P.D., which is currently in its fourth season.

He’s had some rocky relationships on the show, with several engagements that have led him to having three ex-fiancés including Nicole, Wendy and Kim Burgess. His relationship status might not be so smooth on the show but it certainly is more stable in reality.

When asked about his co-star Marina Squerciati, who plays Kim, the actor had nothing but praise for her, “she’s one of my best friends in the whole world. Lucky for me I work with a lot of people that I like so much. I work with two of my best friends and that’s pretty cool. That’s what I do for a living!”

It seems their off-screen chemistry has translated on-screen as the duo have racked up a pretty dedicated fan base. “Yeah the fans are upset we broke up and we are too because we love working together. People are so adamant about it, so I think they’re going to be hard pressed.”

Patrick admitted that him and Marina are just as upset as the fans as they want Adam and Kim to make it work. “Yes, we definitely want to see that happening too, we can keep bugging everyone about it, let’s go for it!”

It doesn’t look like Patrick can shed much light on the situation though as when asked about the status of their relationship these days he said: “Honestly, I have no f***ing clue.”

Aside from Chicago P.D. Patrick spent his summer in New York shooting a film called The Super alongside Batman legend Val Kilmer. Patrick spoke about his few months working with the talented actor. “I don’t totally know because I never really met Val Kilmer. He was in character a lot of the time and by the time he got there, he’d start and we’d kind of get things rocking.”

 Patrick said he was very impressed with Kilmer’s work ethic, “It was actually kind of wonderful, I’d never worked with somebody that was so gung-ho like that before. From the moment I met him he was in character and it was a very strange experience but at the same time I really liked it. It was really kind of impressive to be honest.”

And of course it would be weird if he didn’t fan-boy over the fact that he was Batman. “He’s freaking Batman! He’s Jim Morrison, He’s me, myself and me. I’ve looked up to this guy for a really long time and I’ve heard stories about his kind of crazy approach to things but we did have these moments of talking and he was very sweet.”

It seems as though Kilmer came out of his shell the more time they spent together: “There were moments where he would kind of step outside what he was doing so we could have a conversation about teamwork and the direction he wanted to take things.”

You can currently see this talented artist on Chicago P.D. which airs Tuesday’s on NBC.

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