‘Pièces Uniques’ Winter Wonderland

When I moved to the US, I realized that people have a misconception regarding wearing white clothes – one should no wear white after labor day – this urban legend always sounded silly to my European ears. 22-year-old fashion designer Edmond Luu @eddluu of Pièces Uniques who is a master in minimalist brings us an all white Fall/Winter 2017-18 collection and we love it.

Through Virgin White, Sin White & l’Absolu, the 22 year-old fashion designer Edmond Luu comes back with a new collection reinterpretating three various shades of white. Pure by essence, the white colour offers an uncharted room for discovery and imagination, allowing one to assimilate it with an emotion or a life experience.

Using the white colour as the guiding thread of his inspiration, the designer sees its new “pièces uniques” as canvases one can paint on with his personality. The cuts are minimalists, timeless, and in harmony with the human silhouette. The mélange of noble materials, ranging from goose feather, lyocell to whipcord, reminds of the primary function of the garment, while the fabric is pleasant to the touch and the eye.

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Aleksandar Tomovic
Editor in Chief

French photographer (of Serbian Origins) lives and works in Los Angeles. Known for his celebrity fashion editorials and recognized around the world for his european esthetics and american efficiency.

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