Poker Movies You Need to See

Films on gambling are nothing new, when it comes to the movie industry. From the verge of your seat, it can indeed be astounding to watch as the darkest secrets of casino poker games are revealed or to analyse the stories of card counts. After diving into the memory banks, we have combined a varied selection of the top poker movies… So, spare yourself a few hours and start the movie sprint!

House of Games – 1987

One of David Mamet’s best movie is House of Games. Known as one of the most intelligent writers, Mamet makes sure that the characters are captivating and the dialogues are plot-twisters. After one of her patients tells her about his suicidal tendencies, psychiatrist Margaret Ford, confronts the cause of his anxieties, a bookie named Mike. Margaret quickly realises that the bookie is not a serious threat… however she herself becomes interested in the world of gambling. The psychologist starts to make use of her skills by reading the facial expressions of other players. However, things start to heat up when it becomes apparent that Mike is not a bookie, but a con man…


Honeymoon in Vegas- 1992

This 1992 romantic movie has been directed by Andrew Bergman, and is amazingly captivating. After having lost $65,000 to a proficient bettor, Jack Singer agrees to let the gambler, borrow his pretty fiancée for a Hawaiian escape, as a way to pay his debts. But, the lovely lady who looks like the deceased wife of the gambler, starts to fall for him. Jack Singer starts a race against time to find them and to conquer her all over again.

Maverick- 1994

Released in 1994, Maverick is a big screen reboot of the 1950s Western TV Series, where all the lights are on Mel Gibson. This hugely entertaining comedy tells the tale of Maverick who’s a poker player at heart. In order to enter a high-rewarding poker tournament, the protagonist has to find $25,000 by hook or by crook. Maverick scams two other hopeful players just to win the funds he needs, making them both his enemies. As he climbs his way to success and tries to escape his sworn enemies, he realises that a cunning sheriff is also looking for him.

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Rounders- 1998

Making a poker thriller which is both enthralling and authentic is hard. However, digging deep into the lives of poker players and unmasking the game’s strategy has made Rounders such a movie. Mike McDermott promises to his long-term girlfriend, Jo, that he is quitting gambling after losing all his money in a game of poker. However, this promising student is compelled to go back to the poker days to help a friend in need. Teaming up together, the pair manages to earn money to pay off the debt… however, they are caught cheating! Will the pair manage to get out of this mess one last time?


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