Prince Debuts His Newest Song ‘Don’t You Wanna Fall In Love Tonight?’ On New Girl


I don’t know about you but I felt in love instantly with Prince new song ‘Don’t You Wanna Fall In Love Tonight?’ which debuted on New Girl over the weekend.

It’s a shame that the single is not available on iTunes because that is the first thing I would have done. You can watch this New Girl episode over and over online, New Girl episodes are also available on HULU.

I am obsessed with this song. From the 16 thousands something view this video has, I may be responsible for a 3rd 😉 Yes it’s that good.

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  1. David Bowles

    Maybe I’m just the messenger….I grew up around music from a very early age, going to sleep at night with band practice on going on the other side of the house as my father was a musician…Yes,when MTV came out it was wired into state of the art equipment .I had neighbors that played with the likes of Earth ,Wind and Fire.I’ve met and watched repeatedly some of the most incredible influential artist of our times. I’ve always had this uncanny
    ability to predict if a song would make it to the top of the charts…..Prince’s debut albums at the peak of his success where light and lively…They spoke passion and excitement….they were seductive in the manner in which the composition courted you….My point is this plain and simple…if this song is released and marketed correctly it wil undoubtably shoot straight to the top…Brother Prince get out of your own way and don’t over think things so much …You are an artist and your work ethic has produced one great hook after another…this one has the “It Factor”I can’t get this song out of my head and the sad thing is I can’t buy it anywhere….so my words to the genius that wrote this article is,” you’re dead on.”
    My advice to Prince which he’ll never take due to his unbelievable stature and narcissistic nature is to go back to your roots…(I do mean that with all due respect being that your musical accomplishments are some of the most incredible ever.musicians.You’re a highly spiritual guy and this country and others are at a moment of being repressed…People want the person that can lift their faith,someone that’ll spread joy ,love and be a voice for the masses…the people will never unite because they’re
    to self obsorbed in their own lives….Just as MTV gave their youth a voice through your music and that circle has come about once again…all things change but everything remains the same…Consider my words as divine intervention ,constructive criticism for I’ve walked through life with blinders that allow tunnel vision without obstruction when the hook of a song grabs my soul..Be that voice, there is no better platform .Incredible song.


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