Qualities to Look Out for When Shopping For A Freestanding Bathtub


Investing in a freestanding bathtub for your bathroom is without a doubt a great idea. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or designing a new one, a freestanding bathroom is worthwhile considering and a smart move. However, for you to enjoy the relaxation that comes with a high-end bathtub, there are a few factors to keep an eye on when making your purchase.

The core factor that determines your next buy is the material the bathtub is made of. The commonly used materials today include stone, copper, cast iron, acrylic, stainless steel, as well as resin. In this post, we focus on the various factors that come into play when shopping for your next tub.

If you think, the shopping process is daunting enough, there are several categories you will be required to choose from with each demanding a unique installation process. In addition, these types also come in different styles and materials.

Here are a few top qualities to look out for when purchasing a freestanding bathtub:

Tub size

Before embarking on a search for the next soaker bathtubs, determine the space where you intend to fit it. Take the measurement of where the freestanding tub will be placed. Measure all the door frames, hallways and stairs where the tub will pass through on its way to its final room.


Once this is done, the next step is determining why you need the tub in the first place. Are you interested in one to enjoy long and luxurious soaks? If yes, the comfort is a key factor to look out for. You might also be looking for a massaging air tube or simply one for normal bathing?

Consider the person who will be using the new bathtub. How many tubs do you need for your home depending on the number of users? Are you interested in the extra-long, deep and wide tubs or a combination of these features? Is the tub intended for a couple’s suite? If that is the case, then make sure that the tub is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate two users at the same time.

Tube Style

Today, the market is flooded with freestanding tubs with unique designs to complement on the various bathroom decors common in modern homes. Some so the tubs are fitted with pedestal or plinth. This design helps to raise the tub off the ground while at the same time adding a stylish appeal to your bathroom. Soaking tubs are suitable where comfort is a necessity, especially for the long and luxurious baths. These tubs are available in different lengths and width to comfortably accommodate the user.

The slipper tubs are characterized by one higher end, making them an ideal option for resting while enjoying a soak. The double freestanding bathtubs are highly on both ends. One of the most unique free standing tub styles is the Japanese bath tub which is relatively deeper than other traditional variations allowing the user to enjoy fully submerged bath.


Acrylic: This is one of the commonly used materials you will come across in your freestanding bathtubs Canada shopping process. Acrylic is lightweight and relatively easy to maintain. Freestanding tubs made using acrylic come in different contemporary designs.

Cast iron: These bathtubs are quite heavy and sturdy. These free standing soaker tubs come with a classic look making them an ideal addition to old fashioned bathrooms. Some of these tubs will also feature pedestals, which gives them an elegant appeal.

Copper and stainless steel: Copper-made bathing tubs come in either traditional or modern styles. Among the top designs you will encounter in the market include the Japanese soaking tubs as the nickel plated tubs. Modern freestanding tubs made of stainless steel are easy to maintain and add a sparkle to your bathroom décor.

Stone: Stand alone soaking tubs made of stone are usually hand made using materials which include Granite, Italian carrara marble and travertine. These tubs are quite heavy which is why you must ensure that the bathroom floor is strong enough to support it. If you want to make a bold statement in your modern bathroom, this is the tub to go for.

Solid surface: The surface of these tubs comes in pure acrylic and resin. The contemporary designs made of resin closely resembles a stone although they are generally lightweight. Resin is a high-quality composite matter that is light in weight, highly durable and can be used with ease to achieve varying shapes and sizes.

Pure acrylic offers a solid color and consistency. It is also highly substantial, unlike the regular acrylic tubs that are usually made of two acrylic sheets with an insulation in between them. These freestanding tubs are easy to clean and maintain.

Here are a few extra points to keep in mind in your search for a soaker bathtub:

  • Backrest’s slope and height
  • Ability to fully stretch out your legs
  • A backrest to cradle the back and caress you
  • Armrest
  • Safety features such as grab bars.

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