QUANT Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval

Move (just a tiny bit) over Tesla, here comes THE future!

So in hope that we will not drown under the rising water caused by mankind lack of respect for mother nature … the future of cars is looking good. Thanx or should I say Danke to the electrolyte flow cell power system made by NanoFlowcell technology developed by German company Quant.

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What is NanoFlowcell? Well I have no idea but the tittle says it all, you just need salt water. Now let’s hope some kind of genius would not make this new technology work only with salt water coming from the Persian Golf #joke. It would be as ridiculous as using fossil fuels – which takes around 650 million years to be produced – just to power our cars.

More seriously, “the car is powered by the electrolyte flow cell power system, which is a part of the NanoFlowcell technology. The system works in a similar way to a hydrogen fuel cell, except for the fact that salt water is used for storing power. In particular, two liquids with metallic salts, which act as the electrolyte, are combined in such a way that the electrochemical reaction takes place. After that, electric motors use this reaction to generate electricity, which is then stored and distributed by super capacitors. The efficiency of this system reaches 80%, since the car has almost no moving parts in it, and the produced waste heat is insignificant in comparison with cars powered by lithium-ion batteries”. (I totally copy pasted that from their website).

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So now let’s talk seriously. How does this car looks!? For cars, unlike humans it’s not only what’s on the inside that counts.


So pretty right?

The Quant e-Sportlimousine, that is her name, can reach the speed of 350 km/h (217.5 mph), accelerate from 0-100 in 2.8 seconds and has maximum power of 920 horsepower (680 kW). It must be nice to be able to drive on German’s freeways aka autobahns where there is NO federally mandated speed limit. Yep, that being said by the time we get this car in L.A. it will take you about two hours on the 405 on a monday morning to go from the Valley to the airport, YAY future …

The car is claimed to be able to travel up to 600 km (373 mi) with a full tank … of salt water … Take that BP.

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Now the price of the Quant e-Sportlimousine is estimated to exceed $1.7 … millions.

By the time people can afford this new technology maybe we will already be teleporting each other with our latest iPhone 360-C-26 because you know there will be an app for that.

But this technology has a great potential and could be used in a wide range of applications which go beyond the automobile industry. So let’s push our governments to put their (our) money where their mouth is and let them finance this wonderful technology to make our world independent from ‘fossil fuels’ industries #GoodLuckWorld.

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“Fun” Fact:

I was born in France and I remember that in the early 80’s (I was really young back then … but I have a great memory) there was a commercial that said:

“La France n’a pas de pétrole, mais elle a des idées”. Translation: “France does not have any Oil, but has ideas.”. Well, it seems that France still does not have any oil … or any ideas.

Now just pour le plaisir, let’s watch this commercial, it’s in French but even if you do not speak Français, the stupidity of all this still sounds très romantique right?

Sometimes it is better not to say anything …

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