The Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection for men and women was presented in New York on February 13th,  accompanied by a fantastic and comprehensive performance, which intertwined dance with active sport in the vast central plaza of the Lincoln Center.



The dynamic fashion show, dedicated to movement and team spirit, was based around a collective sport action similar to the choreographies that often open American college sporting events. With a unanimous and geometric rhythmic pace, a group of 40 female and 40 male athletes, descended onto the field with a perfectly synchronised and flawless performance. The honed presentation was rehearsed to perfection, down to the minutest detail. It was a chance for Moncler Grenoble to showcase the novelties for the upcoming winter season, which have reinterpreted the current collection.

BW-06 BW-07 BW-09

The purely sporting vocation of Moncler Grenoble is inspired by the origins of the brand in the homonymous capital of the Isère region. Next season, the brand will evolve into three different segments:

High Performance – technical perfection for professional endurance

Performance & Style  – technology juxtaposed with high style

Après Ski – chic city integrates with rugged mountain

BW-011 BW-12

WOMEN – For women there is a bouquet of lacquer-effect embroidered textures and sophisticated waxed jackets, which team contrasting materials for all-new combinations that are anything but clichéd. One such is the quilted bias-cut jacket created using fleece and a wax-finish fabric.


BW-013 BW-015

MEN – The Moncler Grenoble man, inspired by the stars of ‘60s films shot on the snow, such as the ultra-British, James Bond of George Lazenby in “007 On her Majesty’s Secret Service” filmed in 1969, combines clean silhouettes with an organic approach. It sees stretch elastic fabrics, reinvented and emblazoned with a new level of comfort and a performance standard which is always absolute.

BW-14 BW-014

The entire collection veers towards a DNA, which has now been reinvented in keeping with a dynamic and modern code. It revolves around accented graphic elements, often two-tone, macro dogtooth check and a range of embossed effects that are three-dimensional and quilted. Tartans in warm, deep shades with all the appeal of days gone by play a starring role, but are heat-sealed and rendered completely waterproof by Moncler’s ateliers.

BW-016 BW-110


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