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MUITO QUENTE! Everyone’s favourite Brazilian model gets real with BELLO this November.


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Swimmer to actor to model – Romulo Neto’s accomplishments continue to thrive and excite. In spite of his devilishly handsome look, the modeling world was not always Romulo’s calling. Swimming was his true ardor. “I started swimming when I was really young and I started competing when I was six.” It was his late father who ignited this bittersweet passion of his. “I stopped swimming because when you start at such a young age and you take it so seriously, I kind of had enough when I became a teenager. It was a hard life, really hard training and when my father passed away I was sad that I didn’t have my coach by my side.”

However, the competitive sporting streak still runs deep. He just shot a feature in Brazil starring as a boxer for one of his upcoming films. “My character is very strong but at the same time complex, he is so mean and so intense. The role itself is a big mystery because there is so much going on and we can’t talk about it properly yet! It is coming out in January. The boxing side was so fun because I love fighting. I practiced jujitsu when I was really young. My father used to tell me: ‘You are going to grow up and you must learn how to secure and protect yourself and your family.'”

Even though he hails from Rio de Janeiro, Romulo has a soft spot for the U.S. “I try to go the States and to L.A. when I have a long vacation but it’s been hard to find a break. I really miss L.A. I love the business in the USA because everything is so professional, things happen there. In Brazil, things are more messed up. The system in the United States works perfectly. I really feel familiar when I am over there”.

Photography and modeling go hand in hand, so although he is usually the object of a nurturing lens, Romulo is just as comfortable behind the camera. “Actually I love photographing and that is why I signed up for Instagram. But I am also not ‘that Instagram guy.’ I feel really exposed sometimes, I am not comfortable doing selfies all the time. Sometimes I do it but I do it because I think it’s necessary for work. I try to do it for the business but for me at the same time”.

With the entertainment industry being so unpredictable, it can be difficult for aspiring actors and models to flourish. However, Romulo has unearthed a philosophy that keeps him modest and reassured. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. I think that quality is really Brazilian because even though we have corruption, crises and violence, we’re always smiling and trying to improve. We do whatever we need to be happy, we are always in a good mood!”

From anticipating a regular model/actor interview with predictable aspirations, I came away quite impressed with this endearing, focussed, sensitive artist. A strong career beckons.





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