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An MTV series is the type of gig that most young actors would kill for, and Shelley Hennig knows it. Since joining the supernatural series Teen Wolf in 2014, Hennig has quickly become a staple of the ensemble as the resident werecoyote of the show alongside her co-stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien.

“I got to do my own stunts the other night, which was pretty bad ass,” she tells me while on break from shooting the fifth season. “I laugh the entire time. It’s such a great show with a lot of action, humor, and scary shit.” She laughs. “It’s the best of both worlds. I’m really lucky they accepted me into the Teen Wolf family.” On her character of Malia, she tells me, “I love how honest she is. It’s nice to be playing such a strong female role that’s also comedic.” In a show in which guest starring actors clamor to get a recurring spot, Hennig quickly earned her way to be billed as a regular cast member.

A Louisiana country girl at heart who was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2004, Hennig has been acting in Hollywood since she got a breakout role on Days of Our Lives in 2007. Her 465-episode stint led her to nab two Daytime Emmy nominations. She’s currently navigating the horror genre with last year’s Ouija and this spring’s Unfriended.

“The whole filming process was really unique, and it’s so cool to be a part of something the first of its kind,” she says of Unfriended’s twist on the found-footage genre. The movie revolves around a group of friends chatting on Skype, where they find themselves haunted by a supernatural force using the account of their dead friend. Director Levan Gabriadze staged Hennig and her off camera scene partners in separates rooms and filmed the actors in a series of long takes. The film has garnered good word-of-mouth and looks to be another sleeper hit from Blumhouse Productions, the powerhouse behind Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring.

The easygoing actress fills me in on all her favorite things pop culture. She’s currently addicted to Transparent, House of Cards, and Bob’s Burgers. Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis had turned Hennig on to Bob’s Burgers, which she watches to unwind after a long day on set. Hennig is also a huge fan of country music and tells me she’s a self-proclaimed groupie of The Band Perry (she recently joined them at the Grammys earlier this year, where they won Best Country/Group Performance).

“Masculine with a dash of femininity” is Hennig’s reply when I ask her about what her red carpet style consists of. She recently started working with a stylist, which has edged her into more fun red carpet looks that capture a masculine touch with a good sense of comfort. “I think action is an area I could excel in.” Other kinds of roles she’d like to be doing? “A good rom-com to off-set these horror films I’ve been doing.”

Two independent films are on the 2015 radar for Ms. Henning: the coming-of-age film Still Life and Scout, in which she stars alongside Ellen Burstyn.

In the meantime, it looks like Unfriended just might be the role that takes her career to the next level. After all, one can’t take his eyes off her performance. The final, nailbiting ten minutes of the movie demonstrate what the actress is capable of. With a balance of vulnerability and strength, Hennig has all the makings to be the next big star.

photography JOSH REED www.joshreed.com
syling TAYLOR SHERIDAN www.taylorstylist.com
makeup PATRICK TA at The Wall Group
hair SHERIDAN WARD using Bumble & Bumble and T3 Micro for The Wall Group

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