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Texas Native, Glen Powell has cemented his status as a hilarious hearthrob (a dying race) in Ryan Murphy’s bloody-genius dark comedy, Scream Queens. Powell plays a dead-girl craving fraternity brother with a heart of gold, and a sex drive that sometimes makes it impossible to keep his pants on. He brings to life one of the most un-apologetic characters on the FOX series, bringing us to the question. Where has he been all along? With only a handful of episodes left until the “Red Devil” is revealed, I asked Scream Queens’ big man on campus eight questions that got him going and left me laughing.

Are you nearly as morbid your character Chad Radwell?

Do you mean do I get turned on by dead bodies? Hmmm. Really depends on if she hasn’t let herself go since dying and everything. I don’t want to say I’m crazy picky but you can’t just die and expect to get a date with me. Kidding. Please know I’m kidding. There aren’t a whole lot of similarities between Chad Radwell and Glen Powell. Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a goofy and fun-loving guy. I’m pretty straight-forward and no bullshit (the Texan in me I’m sure). And I’m not harboring too many skeletons or weird preferences that stem from dark past events. I was fortunate enough to grow up with amazing family and friends who love and support me. So the short answer is, no, I like my girls alive.

For viewers it’s something we haven’t seen before on TV. What’s it like for you as an actor, playing with this genre in smaller-form?

Ryan Murphy is a genius. In terms of television very few have been as prolific. An entertainment titan isn’t reactive. They don’t look at shows on the air garnering ratings and attempt to find some knockoff form. They have their finger on the pulse of pop culture and see hits where there is no precedent. When I read “Scream Queens” for the first time, I felt the voice of the show was fresh, unapologetic, and non-stop fun. As an actor all you crave is to play a character with a unique view of the world and Ryan definitely delivered on that with the creation of Chad Radwell. The most popular guy on campus and a necropheliac. That’s unique!

Small screen or big screen my job on set doesn’t really change. The only difference with TV is I get to be surprised with new information just like the audience every time I get a script. They are about to shoot the final episode of “Scream Queens” and not one person in the cast knows who the killer is. Every time a new script comes in, the next morning at breakfast on set is a flurry of investigative journalism and hypotheses based on our new script clues. Every episode we get to be nail-biting, side-splitting fanboys like everyone watching. Except the stakes for the cast are a bit higher since we are being killed off one by one with each new script. Keep me in your prayers.

What was your favorite horror franchise growing up, if different than now?

I can’t say I was ever a fan of the horror genre. I don’t like to be scared. I went with a bunch of buddies to the movie theater. They bought tickets to see “28 Days Later” and I bought a ticket for “Seabiscuit.” I have an overactive imagination, so I like to put as many good, happy things in my head as possible so I’m not constantly checking under my bed. I was always more of a fan of the movie “Scary Movie” than actual scary movies. To be on a show like “Scream Queens” plays to my strengths. I get to live in the camp and the comedy of horror rather than in the terror.

We are celebrating the great city of New York in this issue. When was the last time you visited The City?

My dad is from New York and I’ve been coming to New York for years. Growing up, any excuse the family had to see a new show, visit friends, or get some pizza, we were there. It’s got more flavor than any city on the planet.

Through “Scream Queens” I was introduced to a new fun thing called Upfronts. Where you present your show to advertisers before it airs. The best part about it is you get to kick it with everyone you secretly want to meet from your favorite shows. It’s fun being the only non-famous person in a room. And at some point it feels like you’re in one of those crazy dreams where you’re partying with the cast members of your DVR; talking rock & roll with John Stamos, having a dance-off with Terry Crews, and testing the worst pick-up lines on January Jones…except it’s real life. I highly recommend it.

I interviewed Lucien Laviscount, who confessed to me that he’s very jumpy, both off and on set. Are you?

I know! What’s that about? He’s a very masculine tough guy who would follow you into any fight, but the guy is the cheapest scare on set for sure.

You’re co-staring in Ride Along 2. What can you tell me about your character and working on the Comedy?

I was a big fan of the first Ride Along. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have the sort of buddy cop chemistry that I haven’t seen since Rush Hour. So obviously I wanted to be a part of the sequel. I play a guy named Troy who is the most ruthless drug dealer in Atlanta who Cube and Kevin are attempting to bring down. In the description of the character it talked about the sleeves of tattoos this guy had. I’m tattoo-less so when I was headed to audition I bought these fake tattoo stocking things for my arms that make it look like every inch of my arm was inked up. I also went and bought some gnarly temporary gang tattoos for my neck. I got the job but when I went to Atlanta to start shooting with Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and the director, Tim Story, they were all looking for the real life gangbanger who auditioned and they couldn’t quite understand that I was the same guy. Needless to say, make-up had their work cut out for them. After working their magic I felt I would make Atlanta’s top drug dealers proud. As a fan, I think the sequel is even more hilarious than the original. And I’m just hoping Kevin and Cube don’t lose my number before Ride Along 3.

I read that you were in a Fraternity in College. How’d your experience in Greek Life differ from those portrayed in the series, aside from the obvious murder-plot?

Yes, very few of my fraternity brothers were murdered in the time I was on campus. Something we definitely touted proudly in our chapter publications. Ryan Murphy does an amazing job taking inspiration from social spheres that operate in a bubble of sorts (a glee club, a plastic surgery practice, a sorority, etc). He then takes the rules of that world and puts a hyperbolic filter on it. The Dickie Dollar Scholars in Scream Queens look absolutely nothing like the fraternity I joined at the University Texas. A Ryan Murphy fraternity is way more colorful, vibrant, and flavor-filled than anything reflected in reality, but that embracing of fantasy and escapism is what makes his shows so much fun. I mean, if I dressed in real life the way I do in “Scream Queens,” I would kick my own ass. But that’s the beauty of a Ryan Murphy show, you aren’t inhibited by the rules of reality, only entertainment. So my ass will go unkicked. For now.

There’s no doubt your next film Everybody Wants Some is going to be special. Now that you’ve seen it, the question is how special? What was it like working with Richard Linklater?

Richard Linklater is one of our few living auteurs. Only Richard Linklater can make a Richard Linklater movie. So you are already working with a living legend. This movie was his follow up to “Boyhood” and is the spiritual sequel to “Dazed & Confused.” We knew we were on a set that every actor in the world would kill to be on. And a movie about a baseball team in 1980…the music, the mustaches, the style, and the swagger…who wouldn’t want to take a time-machine back to that era? But I always try to manage expectations as there are millions of movies in existence and only a handful of classics. I just got to see the movie and Richard Linklater hit the bullseye. The most fun time I’ve ever had shooting a movie will be the most fun time you ever have watching one. I will guarantee you won’t stop smiling. It comes to theaters April 15. The mustache will reign once again.


Photographed by TJ Manou
Styling by Mercedes Natalia Assisted by Jillian Holgerson
Grooming by Grace Phillips using Baxter of California
Creative Direction by Dio Anthony, Young Hollywood Editor


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