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Hotness – or beauty, whichever you prefer – is in the eye of the beholder, or as least this is the way the ancient saying goes. Yet there are enough beauty standards in force today to determine which body is hot and which one is not. One of the most interesting ways to determine what’s beautiful (or attractive, hot, and sexy) at a certain time is to take a look at the casual games that appear during that era. It can say a lot about what the players in that certain subculture – or time – prefer. Today, let’s take a look at the beauties that appear on the reels of slot machines at All Slots Casino Canada.

Red Hot Devil

Classical beauties are often featured on the reels of All Slots slot machines. One of the best examples is a game called “Red Hot Devil”, which has a hot female devil dressed in a fiery latex outfit featured on its reels. With a soundtrack filled with awesome riffs, the whole game seems to revolve around the idea of red hot flames burning the souls of gambler men. The Devil herself appears in her full glory only when the game’s special features are triggered – it’s then when she reveals her thigh boots and red hot tail.

Bikini Party

The “Bikini Party” slot machine was released at the All Slots last February, after a long, cold winter, just in time to make its players’ souls crave for sunshine and time spent on the beach even more. The game created by an anonymous design team at an Isle of Man based company features some of the most attractive slot machine protagonists ever – a team of beach volleyball players, young, hot, and fit. True eye candy for every male player at the All Slots Canada.

Titans of the Sun

Greek gods – or their representation by the times’ artists – were always considered an etalon for beauty. The designers of the “Titans of the Sun” slot machines (there are two of them) have reached back to before the gods, though, to the time when their parents, the Titans, ruled the world. The two protagonists these two All Slots games features are Hyperion and Theia, the two Titans who sired the Greek sun god, Helios. As you might expect, both of them are hot – both literally and figuratively speaking.

Electric Diva

Last but not least, let’s return to rock music and latex, with the more recent Electric Diva slot machine. It seems that slot machine fans (or designers, perhaps) prefer dark-haired women dressed in red latex, as the protagonist of this game is similar to what we mentioned above. At least part of the time – when the need for her help arises (this time in an alien invasion) she turns into an equally sexy alien superhero, protecting our world from the monsters and robots the invaders are hurling at us.

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