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Marc E. Bassy and Bella Banos Photographed by Angela Peterman.

Multi-platinum Bay Area singer/songwriter Marc E. Bassy talks to us about his recent debut album,”Gossip Columns” under Republic Records and his many collaborations including; Kehlani, Hailee Steinfeld, Kyle and G-Eazy. He tells us about his career path and we get to know Bassy on a more personal level. Bassy’s most recent single, “Plot Twist” featuring Kyle and remixed with Hailey Steinfeld has been featured on multiple Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, POP Rising, All The Feels, Chill Hits, and more! Featured in our editorial and the official music video for “Plot Twist” is model Bella Banos. Bella is a notable LA based model who is signed with NEXT Model Management and has been featured in major campaigns for Kith, Opening Ceremony and Sacks Fifth Avenue.

Read on to learn more of what can expect from the artist in 2018.

How did you initially break into the industry?
I broke in the industry the old school way, with a band playing live and passing out demo cds. I got my first deal when I was really young and my band just played all around LA and Southern California. There was no SoundCloud at that time, we just always had to play live.

Your album, “Gossip Columns”, seems to have a lot of songs about relationships. Is there one in particular that inspired Plot Twist featuring Kyle?
Plot twist was inspired by a real relationship but in reality it wasn’t the most personal song. It was written with other people, so I wasn’t going so deep into my own stories. It was a nice moment though in my personal life.

How did your relationship with G-Eazy come about? Can we expect more collabs from the two of you?
Me and Gerald met in the bay, we just come from the same scene and always work well together. They’ll be many more collabs!

Who or what has been your biggest support in your career so far?
My biggest support is my music – having something to always go back to no matter what life is throwing at me. Music and songwriting is my solace-always makes me feel like I’m home.

You’re originally from The Bay area. Where do you prefer- The Bay area or Los Angeles?
I’m from the Bay Area but I’ve lived in LA since I was 18. It rubbed off on me along the way. There are times I wish LA hadn’t had such an impact on me, but it just does.

What’s your favorite song from Gossip Columns?
I don’t have a favorite of my songs-but I enjoy “don’t let her go” a lot recently.

You’re a singer and songwriter. Which came first?
Singing and songwriting appeared simultaneously in my life. For some reason I’ve always past the time walking or driving by writing little ditties in my head. I think my first songs were just a way for me to entertain my mom and laugh while we sat in traffic driving around San Francisco.



Who is one of your dream artist to one day collaborate with?
I don’t have any dream artist I want to collaborate with. Of course I want to work with the best artist but I view it as something that should happen organically.

Favorite memory of 2017?
2017 was our first European tour. I’ve waited a long time to get out of the country and the fact that my music took me there was something I’ll never forget.

What can we expect from you in 2018?
2018 I plan on being everywhere. It’s time for everyone to feel my music.



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