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There are many reason why I love Soleil Toujours line of SPF products. The first one is because I just love to be on the sun and actually use SPF as daily moisturizer, talk about problems right? I mean, I live in California and coming from Paris, being drenched with sunshine year round is a luxury. But being exposed to the sun year round – or more intesely during the summer – has its downside. Time thought me that a good protection does not alter my tan. I remember being a kid in France – in the 80’s – and have the all family hapilly tan in August with Monoi Oil … for those not familiar with Monoi – it does have the most amazing smell – but it’s an oil and what it does is that it cooks your skin. Back in the days we were not as aware of sun dammages, mostly becuase the generation before us could not really afford to enjoy the sun as much as our parents did with us as kids.

Today we have enough sun experince to know that it is important to use a good SPF but also our skin is our body largest organ. Is main goal is to protect us so we need to do the same. It absorbs whatever you put on it – A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals found in drinking water. It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of total contaminant dosage – I know it’s pretty scary to think about it that way …

But our goal here is to enjoy the sun and do it the right way.


Soleil Toujours provides a very chic full range of organic products, from micro mist, mineral sunscrean (body and face) to serum treatments, apres soleil shimmer body oil and Also antioxidant calming mist. I cannot lie that I’m a sucker for packaging and I was not desapointed in both quality and esthetic by Soleil Toujours line.


The inspiration for Soleil comes from my uncompromising belief that we can have it all – exceptional sun protection that rejuvenates and replenishes. Everyday is an opportunity to feed our passions, beginning with our sun care regime.

As a mother of three, I became increasingly aware of the harmful ingredients in sunscreens – parabens, oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, to name a few. I was faced with two choices, either accept the chemicals, or succumb to white, chalky residue on my skin. I refused to accept either of those options and resolved to create something better.

I wanted to revolutionize the way we think about sunscreen – infusing modern glamour into exceptional, high-quality products that validate a healthy, discerning lifestyle. With Soleil, I created cutting-edge formulations, curated from the world’s finest, safest, naturally based and organic ingredients.

Youthful and healthy skin starts with sun care. No other anti-aging skincare product can protect the skin from the one skin stressor that exists in our lives 365 days of the year, the sun. It is estimated that 80-percent of premature aging is caused by sun exposure. With Soleil, you can now have it all: broad-spectrum UV protection combined with enriching anti-oxidants and anti-aging actives.

It is time we brought allure and beauty back to our daily sun care regime. Soleil is meant to leave you feeling powerful and confident in your own skin.  We hope you’ll join us in our movement to practice safe sun!


Valerie McMurray, Founder & CEO

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