Something Mad This Way Comes

MadMenSeason6__130312055221 copyMad Men is back to on AMC this april for its 6th season, and with it they’ve released a new ad. And ad so reminiscent to the content of the show–an original 1960s piece of art. According to the New York Times ( The New York Times:, the poster was actually illustrated by an old pro named Brian Sanders, a commercial artist who’s been working since the ’60s.)

And there you have it, art imitating life–it wouldn’t be the first time in television. Not by a long shot.

The series which spanned for five seasons and is now entering its 6th, has indefinetly made its mark on Primetime-Television. From clothing lines inspired by the era and series, to Multiple award shows, Mad Men was the best move AMC has ever made in programming. ever.

It made “Don Draper” a househould name. And it even inspired an episode of My Fair Wedding: With David Tutera.

Will you be tuning into it’s final season? Or did you jump off the Mad Men train long ago?

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