Splurge or Steal: Makeup Brushes 101


Splurge or Steal: Makeup Brushes 101
By Dee Trillo
Lifestyle and Travel Editor| Dee@BelloMag.com| @HauteFrugalista

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A red carpet ready complexion takes more than just the right products. It also takes the right tools and techniques. Makeup brushes play a huge part into creating a flawless and natural look. They are the ones that help us define our features, rock a picture perfect smoky eye, and prevent us from getting creases or exposing our wrinkles.

I learned the difference the moment I swapped my finger for a concealer brush, and noticed how it went from a ghostly raccoon style to a seamlessly blended one. Here is our how-to easy guide to accomplish a polished and dreamy makeup application.

Becca, The One Perfecting Brush: Capable of replacing every single brush on your counter- including foundation, blush, concealer and contour brushes- this flat edged brush is an all-in-one makeup tool. The compact goat hair bristles disperse loose powder, liquid, crème or pressed formulas evenly and impeccably; in addition, they do not suck in the product which means spending less on makeup, and keeping skin clean from germs. $49 www.BeccaCosmetics.com

Rouge Bunny Rouge, Eye Liners and Brows Brush: Get ready for hypnotizing eyes with these must-have brushes. Begin by drawing a thin line at the base of your upper lash line with the Eye Liner Brush #13. This step will give the illusion of fuller lashes. For a quick night upgrade, use the Eye Liner #8 with a liquid or gel formula, and effortlessly go from a thin to a thicker line creating a daring cat eye. Finish the look by framing your eyes with the Brows Brush #6. Fill them in with a softer shade at the start and a deeper tone at the end, or a dark tone all around for a bolder look. $16-23 www.RougeBunnyRouge.com

Smashbox, Telephoto Face Brush: Apply BB/CC Creams, foundation and powders with this 3-in-1 retractable brush. With a simple twist change the brush to different levels, reducing or augmenting the thickness of the brush. Choose from full coverage for a buffed and blended finish, medium for an airbrushed appearance, or sheer for a natural look. Perfect for on-the-go retouches or to light up your travel makeup case. $39 www.Smashbox.com
London Soho New York, Disney Princesses Collection: Be ready to play doll and get beautified while doing so. The Aurora line brings three latex fairy sponges with whimsical and colorful designs to target specific areas from under eyes and in corners, to cheekbones and neck. $13 www.SohoBeauty.com

Artis, Fluenta Collection: Made with over 200 thousand CosmeFibre, an engineered fiber that resists water, chemicals and UV light, this line feels as soft as feathers on your skin. The ergonomic shape and tapered ends on the Oval 8 Brush allows for a flawless application of foundation regardless of the consistency of the product used. $72 www.ArtisBrush.com

IT Cosmetics, Heavenly Luxe Collection: Create an intense nighttime or delicate day look with the No Tug Dual Eyeshadow Brush. The large flat side gives you a crease-free application all over the lids, while the smaller end is perfect for smudging, smoking, and creating depth. $24 www.iTCosmetics.com

Japonesque, Color Collection: In a bright pink design, this lip brush will be your go-to tool to achieve a daring plumped shape or a more subtle and fresh line. Use it to apply lipsticks or glosses for a polished look. $14 www.Japonesque.com

Aesthetica, Double Ended Brush: This 2-in-1 brush is a great device to highlight your best features and bring light into your face. Use the thicker end for an all-around satin finish and the thinner side to illuminate smaller areas and avoid an overly-shiny texture. $30 www.Aesthetica.me

Ecotools, Complexion Collection: This 100 percent cruelty-free line, made with bamboo and recycled aluminum, is perfect for those who are allergic to animal hairs. The round and dense ends of the Eye Perfecting Brush mimics the shape of a finger, reducing fine lines and dark circles during the application of concealer. $7 www.EcoTools.com

Real Technique, Bold Metals Collection: A modern looking style makes them appealing, while the white soft bristles avoids over-applications by showing how much product is on the brush. The 101 Triangle Foundation Brush has a dual function with a flat side for larger areas and angled edges ideal for contouring or application on small areas. $24 www.RealTechniques.com

Phuse, So Cheeky Brush: Fluffy bristles and a dome shape will allow you to blend your blush with ease. The tapered ends keep product on the top rather than absorbing it. $16 www.PhuseBeauty.com
Cricket Co., Pro-Bonzer Brush: The perfectly-angled synthetic bristles and slip resistant handle of the brush will help you contour your features smoothly. Bring a subtle glow or strong definition to your face in a precise way. $8 www.CricketCo.com

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