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The advances in technology have given us the ability to reach audiences we never thought we could and keep track of our lives with a single click. Nowadays, we can share our jouney with the whole world in a simple and easy way, giving us the ability to broaden our horizons and make distances irrelevant. What is most astonishing is that we have the option to do anything we want without having to carry different gadgets. A smartphone can function as a camera and video recorder, our headphones can be costumized to represent our moods and sense of style, and even a convertible laptop can replace the need for a tablet. Why have our bags filled with a plethora of one-dimensional devices when we can have one that functions as good as two- or three-in-one?

HP Envy x360 15inch Touch Covertible Laptop: This compact yet incredibly efficient laptop, powered by an Intel i7 processor, is the mother of all convertible tablet/laptops in the market. The sleek and chic design has a flexible hinge in the screen that allows you to play in 360 degrees and find the position that is most comfortable to you. The option to turn it into a flat tablet, a tent stand or a stand-alone gives you the flexibility needed for on-the-go, office or home use. Be prepared to listen to music and videos in true high-def sound with integrated BeatsAudio technology. Whether you want to watch movies, read a book, create a powerpoint presentation, or write an email, the HP Envy x360 will cover all your needs and moods. The best part is that it does not compromise on quality or capabilities in order to offer a modern style. This model, as is, comes with an 8GB memory, so you can easily store more photos, videos, and documents than with a regular tablet. It also offers 3 USB ports and a memory card reader that give you the convenience of charging your smartphone or plugging in any other device, such as an external hard drive. All these perks give you the opportunity to pick it up and be on your way without having to worry about costly upgrades. $899 HP

Velodyne VFree Bluetooth Headphones: Enjoy wireless freedom for over ten hours on a single charge with the best high quality sound. Choose from an array of changeable skins, each designed by an international artist, and make yours unique to your mood. $299 Velodyne.com.

Bayan Audio Soundbook X3 Speaker: This wireless speaker and FM radio does not compromise sound for size. With its advanced audio compression technology and ten-hour battery, you won’t have to worry about losing quality over your Bluetooth connection. $299 BayanAudio.com

EleMoon Wearable Bracelet: This smart accessory can match any outfit with its light system that imitates any design you upload. It also tracks your steps, helps you find your phone with an alert, and displays call and text notifications. $199 Elemoon.com

Griffin PowerDock 5: Forget about looking for wall outlets with this all-in-one device. The dock will help you charge and organize up to 5 tablets or smartphones, while keeping them securely stored in one place. $99 GriffinTechnology.com

ToughTested Solar Power Portable Charger: This perfect companion for on-the-go adventures, trips, or hectic days can be charged with natural sunlight, DC car or USB port or plug. It has two USB spaces, allowing you to charge your phone, laptop, GPS, camera or tablet, all at the same time. $99 Mizo.com
PurseN Quilted Tablet Organizer : Keep your tablet protected with this chic bag. It offers two stand positions so you can watch your fave movies hands-free, and it has compartments to keep a few accessories available. $62 PurseN.net

LuMee Selfie Case: The obsession over selfies is not going away anytime soon. So, if you want to get your best face out, this chic protective case with built-in light will take you from dark to fab in a sec! $45 LumeeCase.com

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