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interview by alexandra bonnet

1.You play a key role in the Emmy nominated series “the Affair,” which recently premiered: tell me more about this role and how it has pushed in your acting career.

I play the role of Anton Gatewood. A brilliant, young high school student from Compton Academy who was held back a grade for plagiarizing by his own mother who is the principal of the school. Torn between growing up and making his own decisions and trying to please his parents at the same time, while being profiled in society, he’s just another kid trying to figure everything out. It has tremendously upped my game, acting with great actors always makes me better.

2. You’ve been successful in portraying many characters these past few years. In being pushed as an actor, what would you say makes you “better” in your craft.

like I said in the previous answer, the best way for me is to act with people who i think are better than me. It automatically pushes me to perform at a higher level. With any art, you have your instrument, mines our emotions… So almost every day or every other day either watch movies, from black and whites, to animated work, to going down the list of my favorite actors. And I try and use my instrument as much as possible.

3. Anton is the name of your character who represents a “defiant but brilliant high school student”: could you say you were the same growing up? Did you feel connected to this character in any way?

That is definitely how my mother would connect me lol I would say I was smart, mostly because my mother push me very hard. I was definitely defiant haha. Me and Anton relay on many levels. He is me, I am him. Especially in the way we choose to share our emotions with others.

4. How did you know you wanted to become an actor when you were just 10 years old? Which was your favorite show at that age?

I know this doesn’t make for the best answer, but I really just did. I came off stage from doing my first play at church, (Winners Church, palm beach Florida) walked right up to my mother, and said “ I know what I want to do for the rest of my life.” She laughed, and I proceeded to tell her acting was my passion. My favorite show indefinitely, was the fresh Prince of Bel Air. I could remember myself hearing him say something funny, pausing the TV, then running to the mirror to rehearse the line over and over and over again until I felt like I got it just like him. He is still who I am chasing till this day.

5. Many of your roles are of a young adult, from your characters in “The Fosters” to “NCIS: New Orleans”: how do you prepare yourself before getting on set? Do you have a “ritual” of some kind?

Definitely varies for every role. Sometimes I let the environment of the new city that I’m in and do the job, sometimes I write a whole biography for the character to help me in his shoes, sometimes I walk the streets of LA with a different mindset, sometimes I have conversation, or hang around certain people who his energies I feel like are similar to the character i’m playing. I don’t have an exact method, I just do what I feel is right, so that I can give the character the right texture.

6. Bello Magazine is a style and lifestyle outlet: can you tell me about your personal style?

I’m an actor, with the soul of a rapper. Although I’m not as flashy, I definitely do like my street wear, my hoodies, my bombers, my rockstar pattered trousers, my rockstar rings and jewelry, my tattoos are definitely a big part of my style. It might be a boot day, it might be Airmax 90 day. The main answer would probably just be streetwear. Pharrell, A$AP Rocky, Virgil, Yeezus, Big Sean are all my fashion influences.

7. What is something you like to do when you’re not acting / preparing for a role.  

As cookie cutter as this sounds, I really love going and enjoying a movie by myself or with someone I really rock with. Movies are my passion, even as an actor, they suck me in for about two hours and I don’t think about anything else. I also love to play basketball  almost every other day. Catch me at your local LA fitness, taking ankles home with me . I also box almost every day. I really just love to be around my friends, good energy and people inspire me.

8. If you could create or produce any TV show, what would it be about and what would you name it?

Oh my goodness. OK… Here goes, it would be just like Game of Thrones, but instead of the white walkers it was a group of wildlings that turned into werewolves, and in the end you find out that the werewolves were the good guys, then they join forces with humans to fight a greater evil. I’m still working on the name, I just made that up on the spot. Nobody steal my idea 🙂

9.Describe to me in five words or less the feeling you get when you step into character and in front of the camera: GO.

God. Passion. Adrenaline. Bliss. Pressure.

10. What are some long-term goals for yourself?

I not only want to be one of the greatest actors of my generation. I want to become a very established movie and TV producer,  to make sure no good art goes unseen & and the artist like myself and my peers always have a platform to show the beautiful things that they are working on. I also want to, at some point be a part of creating a Japanese anime. Big dream of mine… Biggest goal… is to make sure my mom and dad & my friends are taken care of Forever.




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