‘Subjective Reality’ Miu Miu by Steven Meisel


Photographer Steven Meisel captures Miu Miu’s latest Fall Winter 2015 ‘Subjective Reality’ campaign featuring Maddison Brown, Hailey Gates, Mia Goth, and Stacy Martin.


“That improvisational spirit matches the mood of the collection: materials, colors, and textures collide and overlap. Scale and detail shift radically. A coat in an exaggerated brown hound’s-tooth is paired with an skirt in ochre reptile. A glossy alligator pinafore tops striped cotton shirting. Mauve snake skin is coupled with rusty plaid. The overall palette is mirrored in the hard, flat light of a New York outer-borough streetscape. Bursts of saturated color punctuate the scenes in unexpected ways: brilliant red lipstick finds its twin in the shiny paint of a passing fire truck.
In keeping with the spirit of street photography, each of the images in the campaign are individually titled. In contrast to the descriptive titles of documentary photography or cool objectivity of the newspaper caption, these texts are cryptic, fragmented; only partial clues. Instead of closing interpretation, and in effect explaining the image, the writing here has the opposite effect. It makes the image, and the implied image-maker, even more mysterious. The text underscores the subjectivity and the personal vision it contains. It points to an invisible presence, the author, but only in the most oblique way. Subjectivity is passed and the true reading is left to the imagination of the viewer.”







About The Author

Stephane Marquet
Creative Director

First of all, excuse my French! … I was born in the South of France. Lived in Paris for 10 years and travelled the world until I moved to Los Angeles in 2008, because obviously recession was a great time to move to a new country! I also arrived around Halloween and was greeted at the Social Security offices by a nurse who directed to the window Number 6 so a witch could hand me my social security number. Welcome to America. I am a painter, a photographer and the creative director of BELLO mag.

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