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Although many get endorphin rushes while doing extraneous physical activities (i.e. the triumvirate of sex, sports and shopping), there are few ways to get one while sitting down. Is it even possible? It is if you’re watching an auction take place.

SNAP is one of two annual fundraising events for the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT). A photographic fundraiser featuring a live and silent art auction, and a photo competition, SNAP brings together those who want to support the arts and the work of ACT.

While there are no celebrity lots (circa Elizabeth Taylor’s Hollywood or Jackie O’s Camelot), there are works by Bruce LaBruce, and Kent Monkman, as well as up-and-coming artists. As each piece is brought up to the stage – from the Curatorial Collection, Photo Competition Collection, Limited Editions Retrospective – there’s a buzz. The excitement is incremental, watching two or more guests bidding for a piece they want.

It’s a game of who has the biggest paddle, yes?

But, it’s really about having a way to support ACT’s programs and services. As a leading HIV service organization, supporting 20,000+ people living with HIV in Toronto, ACT offers ways to help people living with HIV confront physical and mental health challenges, and financial complexity of living with the virus, as well as deliver crucial HIV prevention, education and outreach programs.

Since its inception 15 years ago, SNAP has raised over $3 million since its inception, with an additional $130,000 at this year’s event (donations to ACT can be offered year round, as well). The endorphin rush was just a plus.

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