Tash’s Back to Basics: A Definite Must!

Tash’s “Back to Basics” is nothing as its title suggests. While stripped to be acoustic, there isn’t anything basic about it.

Perfect for the holiday season, Tash’s EP Back to Basics is a refreshing insight into her raw talent. Also known as Tash Palmer, Tash’s EP comes highly anticipated after fans heard her other singles “Warrior”, “Softly” and “WISE”. Two of which are now available stripped down for the acoustic EP. The EP, which is best heard in a relaxing drive around LA consists of 5 singles: “Softly”, “Lil’ Love Song”, “Wise”, “Worried” and one many can relate to once in a while: “I Don’t Like Parties.” Tash seems to be a genuine artist who connects with her audience writing songs and lyrics about issues everyone goes through in life: relationships and finding your own identity and aspirations in life.

Photo by Arthur Galvao

What surprised us most about Tash is knowing how young she is and being able to listen to the powerful voice behind the artist. To release an acoustic album this early in her career and age shows her talent, potential and is clear evidence of the singer here to stay. If that wasn’t enough, Tash made social media history earlier this year on October 25th reaching new heights becoming the first artist to perform a live concert on Facebook’s campus.

This EP reminds us of early Norah Jones and Colbie Caillat with a mix of Christina Perri. And while we can’t wait for a full album with remixes and a whole band in production, this EP is keeping is warm and excited for the holiday season and the new year.

We were also lucky enough to view a preview of her music video for her acoustic performance of Softly and we can’t get that word out of our head. Tash is sure to make an impact that will last in the industry and it will be everything but “Softly”!

Check it out on Apple iTunes here.

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