Tell me about it, stud! Carlos Panavega For BELLO


Tell me about it, stud! Carlos smolders on the front cover for BELLO.

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Grease is set to capture all our hearts once again. From Julianne Hough to Vanessa Hudgens, Carly Rae Jepsen and Carlos PenaVega, Grease: LIVE is due to debut on Fox January 31st. BELLO caught up with Carlos ahead of the big night.

Your schedule is obviously very hectic at the minute with Grease: LIVE! It premieres on FOX January 31st, how long have you guys been rehearsing for?
Once the whole production wraps we will have rehearsed for over 2 months.

How old were you when you first watched Grease?
I think I must have been 16 years old. I did a production of the show at the JCC (Jewish Community Center) in south Florida and I watched the movie for inspiration. I played Danny and I remember it being the first musical where I was a lead.

There is such an incredible cast with Vanessa Hudgens, Julianne Hough and so many others. Tell me about your experience on this show?
It has been so fun working with everyone in the cast. The theatre world is so close. Our little group has become so close. It’s really sad to know that in just a few days (Jan 31st) this whole experience will be over. I know we all plan on staying in touch and some of us will hopefully be working together again!

In 3 words describe your reaction when you found out you were going to play ‘Kenickie’.
Random! (Good random) Shocked! Blessed!

Do you see any similarities between yourself and ‘Kenickie’?
Totally! I absolutely LOVE my car and Kenickie is kind of obsessed with his.

What’s your favourite song from the film?
Favorite song from the film is “We Go Together”. I think it’s the same for the show too. The dance number that we do is high energy and a lot of fun! I can’t wait of everyone to see it!

Grease is such an iconic movie. Is Grease: LIVE very similar to the original or are there some twists?
Grease: LIVE is a mixture between the movie and the original stage show. I really think it’s going to be my favorite version of Grease! It has everything that you need!

So you’re no stranger to live shows as you competed on Season 21 on Dancing with the Stars. Did you have any dancing experience prior to this?
Dancing was the BEST experience. I really enjoyed learning the new dance styles each week. I did not have any dance experience before dancing. I did do some “boyband dancing” when I was touring with BTR (Big Time Rush) but I don’t really consider that anything close to ballroom dancing.

What was the highlight of your time on that show?
I think my highlight was when I got to share with the world about my faith. It was a very tough moment but so fulfilling. I wanted to share my story about where I was before I found God and how my life changed after. I have been receiving some amazing emails and comments about how that week helped so many people. That to me was worth every sore day of the entire competition.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans about Grease or do have any upcoming projects?
I’m so excited about Grease: LIVE! Make sure to tune into FOX January 31st!
Once Grease: LIVE is done I am jumping back in the studio to finish a few more songs for my spanglish music project. Things are moving along and I am very excited to share all these songs with you!






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