The Amazing Dancer: Ramon Christian

Having been professionally trained as a dancer in the UK, Ramon Christian has made the effortless transition into modeling and acting (Nine, 44 Inch Chest) and is fairly new to Los Angeles.

The self-proclaimed creative director is preparing to make some waves in Tinseltown and do his British brethren proud.

What was the transition from London to L.A. like for you?
The transition to LA has been challenging yet smooth- all at the same time. Luckily, I had a great support network of friends here, and a great agency has helped too. It’s been a process figuring out where I fit in here, professionally, as it’s a total different industry to the UK. After, the past two years, my hard work is really paying off, and I feel I’ve really made a life for myself here. The balance of a great career and personal life is so

Who have been sources of inspiration for you while shaping your career?
Wow there has been so many! My Mother has always instilled a good work ethic in me. I’ve been told from a young age to go for your dreams no matter what and don’t ever settle for anything else. I admire anyone who works hard and is passionate about what they do no matter what the profession is.  

What’s your exercise regimen like? Got a #1 tip for those of us trying to get our fitness on?
Being a dancer, fitness has always been a part of my life, but the older I get, the more I have an understanding for the body. The sunshine is a great motivator out here, but I also have found yoga to be extremely helpful both physically and mentally; and obviously flexibility [as a dancer] is important for me. 

What’s been your most exciting job to date? And what does the future hold for Ramon Christian?
Since moving to LA, it’s been such a cool experience working with the calibre of artists here- such as Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez- but for me, Kylie Minogue has been someone I’ve admired- personally and professionally. So, it’s been great to work with her over the years…especially here in LA. 

I feel, now, my career is evolving- not only for performing, but producing and the creative side. I really want to fuse dance and choreography with fashion. As for me, they both go hand in hand. I really want to explore what else can be done on a runway show; so I’m currently choreographing several productions with my company
LoveFashion. I couldn’t be in a better place to do this….. I really am so excited!

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