The Best Birthday Surprises for Your Teenager


Planning birthday parties for your children comes easy at first: cakes, balloons, and a bounce house tend to be the expected staples of the occasion. However, as little ones grow into teenagers, birthdays become a bit harder to navigate. With your child increasingly trying to prove their independence and changing their tastes seemingly on a weekly basis, it can get harder and harder to impress their discerning eye. If you want to make sure your teenager has a birthday celebration to remember, consider these birthday surprises that he or she will adore, no matter their age or passions.

A Day of Pampering

Do you have a young lady in your household that loves to be treated like a queen, and is definitely hoping to live a life of luxury in the future? Then you can’t go wrong with letting her get a taste of that luxurious life she craves by taking her on a special trip to a spa resort. Whether you two indulge in massages, facials, or even fancy natural body wraps, you’ll both leave feeling refreshed and she’ll be so excited to brag to her friends about her fancy day.

A School Time Surprise

If your teen is going to be headed to class on their birthday, make sure they feel as special as they deserve, even as they sit in the classroom. You likely used to take cupcakes or cookies to school on your little one’s birthday for celebratory sharing with all of their friends, and now that they’ve graduated to high school hallways, you can do a more adult version that they and their friends will enjoy immensely. Ordering an online basket delivery of yummy treats right to their desk at school is a surprise that will have all their classmates staring in awe, and leave them feeling like royalty in the eyes of their peers. Whether you choose cookies, chocolate covered fruit, or candy, your surprise will definitely see your child smiling from ear to ear (and have all their classmate’s thinking you’re the coolest parent around).

A Concert Ticket

Teenagers are music-obsessed, and if you can score some tickets to one of your child’s favorite musical artists, you’re sure to gain some parent brownie points. Whether it’s a splurge to a huge superstar like Beyoncé or a ticket to that indie band you’ve heard them obsess over for months, they’ll be shocked and delighted to see one of their musical superstars in person.

An Experience Party

Instead of throwing the normal birthday party, give your child the option of trying out a new experience this year. Instead of inviting their entire class, let them select a best friend or two to join them on an adventure and experience something they’ve expressed an interest in. Maybe it’s a kayaking adventure in a local bay, a rock climbing wall day at a local gym, or even a trip up high above the ground in a hot air balloon. Check out a website like and find out what’s available in your area, then give your child free reign to pick out what they want.

If They’re Sports Minded

If the young birthday guy or gal is a sports lover, consider finding tickets to an upcoming game, whether it be for their favorite sport or even better a match including one of their favorite teams. Traveling to see some of their favorite players will definitely be a highlight for their young life, and create memories they’ll hold onto for years to come.

A Special Getaway

If your child has dreams of big travels, help them get started with a fun weekend getaway to the destination of their choice. Depending on your budget, it might be plane ticket to a big city they’ve been dreaming of visiting, or something as simple as a two-hour drive to the beach for the weekend. Ask them where they’d like to go, and if money allows, offer for them to bring one friend to enjoy the weekend with them and your family.

If you have a teenager set to celebrate a birthday, make sure the day is as memorable as they deserve and impress them with your planning prowess with these birthday surprises.

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