The Costs and Benefits of Setting up a Swimming Pool


Swimming pools are beautiful attractions in private homes. These feature-rich, wet and wild accoutrements have many inherent benefits. For starters, they provide endless entertainment in the summer season, and they add value to your property. A lavishly decorated and crafted swimming pool is a focal point of your property. Rock pools, waterfalls, beautifully adorned outdoor patios and the like are often associated with gorgeous swimming pools. However, there are many plus and minus points associated with maintaining a swimming pool home.

A Pool is a Great Accoutrement to a Home

On the plus side, these luxurious home additions can be great for friends and family, and they are also excellent for health and wellness. Among the many benefits of owning a home with a swimming pool are those related to outdoor exercise and activity. Swimming offers a low impact (on the joints) form of intensive exercise, and it is a fun-filled activity for everyone. Pools are great for entertaining guests, and generally keeping people outdoors. On the flip side, there are safety hazards to consider with swimming pools.

Children and pets are always at risk of drowning, and accidents around the pool are an all too common occurrence. It’s imperative that all the necessary safety protocols are in place to guard against mishaps at the swimming pool. There are other cons such as maintenance of the swimming pool (filtration systems, algae, pH, general cleanliness) that must be factored into the equation. Of course, there are many peripheral concerns in modern society like the legal ramifications of being sued for any accidents that occur.

Evaluate the Pros and Cons of Maintaining a Swimming Pool

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Fortunately, there are benefits to purchasing a home with a swimming pool already installed. It’s much more cost effective to buy a home with a pool pre-installed than a pool that needs to be built. Luckily, the current economy makes it much easier and more affordable to build a swimming pool in a home. Homes with swimming pools are far more attractive to buyers than homes without. Unfortunately, the cost of building a swimming pool does not necessarily equate into the equivalent increase in property value. If a swimming pool costs between $30,000 and $50,000, that doesn’t necessarily translate into a higher sale price for your property. The maximum price that you can receive for your property is what the market determines.

Another issue that needs to be taken into consideration is a home warranty service for maintaining your pool motor and equipment. Pool warranty research shows an increasing number of households now own swimming pools. As at 2017, that number is fast approaching 4%, or some 5.1 million homes across the United States. In 1978, that number was just 2% of households. In warmer states like Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, New Mexico and the like swimming pools are far more common. A startling statistic is evident in Coral Springs Florida where some 66% of homes have swimming pools on their property. Much the same is true in Scottsdale Arizona where 62% of homes have swimming pools. The costs of pools can vary markedly depending on their construction. Vinyl pools will cost you between $10,000 and $20,000, fiberglass pools between $12,000 and $40,000, and concrete pools from $25,000-$55,000.

What’s Typically Covered in Home Warranty Pool Coverage?

Swimming pools also come with maintenance. Swimming pool maintenance services are available to people in communities, and private individuals, but this is a cost that needs to be factored into your decision-making processes. People who are unable to maintain their swimming pools risk health hazards such as bacteria and algae forming in the pool. Overall, there is no doubt that swimming pools add value to your lifestyle, and the attractiveness of your home. A full workup – pros and cons – needs to be conducted before deciding upon a swimming pool and the system components needed to maintain it.

Home warranty coverage for swimming pools typically averages between $105 and $205 per year. It’s important for folks to remember that the coverage limit should be taken into consideration, since many companies offer limits of just $400, while others raise limits to $500. The average home warranty coverage for swimming pools is $1386.67. The issues covered in home warranty pool coverage include heaters, filtration systems, pumps and above ground components. Lesser features include gaskets, back flush valves, and sweep motors.


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