The Duality of Dillon Casey – BELLO mag interview

How does one manage to play a ton of video games and maintain 2% body fat? Just ask Dillon Casey. The Canadian actor, who joined the CW’s “Nikita” last season as the deadly but studly Sean Pierce, describes himself as a nerd trapped in a jock’s body; an interesting dichotomy if we ever heard one (yes, people, you too can be studious and have six-pack abs). We recently caught up with Dillon to learn a few things (the dude sure loves his Diet Pepsi).

BELLO interview with Dillon Casey has originally been published in BELLO mag #38 issue available HERE.

So, upon following you on Twitter, we couldn’t help but notice you describe yourself as a nerd in a jock’s body. Elaborate please.

Well, I guess it’s just what I’m interested in. I’ve always been a movie geek and loved video games as a kid.  Not necessarily Sega or Nintendo games – but more old school RPG’s on the pc like “Space Quest”, “King’s Quest” and “Monkey Island”.  I always wanted to get really good grades, am kinda socially awkward, have no clue how to talk to women, am a goofball, but have a resting heart rate of 48, 2% body fat and play a Navy Seal on television…. So I’m just literally a “nerd in a jock’s body”.

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing?

If you can truly picture yourself doing something other than acting, you should do that thing.  

What was it like making the move from Canada to Hollywood?

It was a tough transition. Luckily, my Uncle let me stay at his place for a couple [of] months before moving into a crappy apartment in West Hollywood. Honestly, it was (and still can be) really lonely. When you first go to LA, you have a honeymoon phase where everything is fun and new. Then you realize you have nothing in common with everybody you’ve met over the past 3 months. Most of them have disappeared, you have very little money, and everybody and everything you enjoy doing is miles away, blocked by a massive barricade of traffic. LA can be a lonely place. I tell people that if you wanna keep sane out there you need to find something other than acting that really interests you. You can’t just sit at home in your 110 degree apartment that you can’t afford to air condition, drinking 7/11 coffee, waiting for the phone to ring to go do some unsatisfying pre-read audition that you’re not going to get. It’s chasing the dragon – you will go crazy!  I was lucky to find a mentor – a great acting coach named Nikolai Guzov – who helped keep things in perspective for me and keep me grounded.  Also, I took up martial arts, and just accepted the fact that driving and taxis are a fact of life. “When in Rome….” never made more sense.  When I embraced the culture and accepted that I was in it for the long haul – things started to fall into place.  

What are your top 3 must have things in your Nikita trailer?

I have a “no frills” trailer.  I really don’t care.  I bring a book, my computer, and drink as many cans of diet pepsi as I can before they need me on set.

Any hints you can drop about season 3 that won’t get us killed?

It’s not you I’m worried about……  I wish I knew! We’ve shot one episode and there’s a MASSIVE spoiler regarding an important love story – but I ain’t sayin nuthin.

photography Aleksandar Tomovic

interview by Hiko Mitsuzuka

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  1. Ducky (@forensicduck)

    Oh boy, I hope that ‘important love story’ is about Michael/Nikita, they have been dropping hints about them. But not Sean/Alex please, I think they’re handling that one just right so far and I would hate to have it turned into some cheap love triangle. If I wanted one, I’d change the channel to TBBT or Gossip Girl or heck- any other show on the face of the earth.


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