The Hollywood Bowl Thrills With Live Orchestra Screenings Of STAR WARS

The Hollywood Bowl recently held a series of live orchestra screenings of STAR WARS, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary. STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back, and STAR WARS: A New Hope each had two live orchestra screenings this past week and the Force was alive and well amongst the packed audiences.

Hundreds of lightsabers sprung into action each time a pivotal scene came on screen, and with each heroic moment after the next, the audience was spun into an uproarious frenzy. For diehard STAR WARS fans the screenings provided some of the most memorable encounters with the George Lucas classics they could have ever dreamed of.

When the second half of A New Hope began after intermission, the searchlights of the Bowl were aimed straight up into the sky, crisscrossed like two dueling lightsabers. The sight was almost as impressive as the live orchestra screening itself, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of the goosebumps I had when I first saw the film as a young boy.

Once again, the Hollywood Bowl raised the bar, proving once again why it is one of the most beloved crown jewels in Los Angeles, and a towering Force of all that is good in the America.

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