The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Official Trailer – We March ‘& Watch’ Together

Finally! Here it is … the trailer that is. Yeah I know. It’s kinda ridiculous that ‘marketing’ managed to makes us as excited (sometimes more excited) for the release of a trailer than the actual movie. It’s not the case for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, I still am excited to see the movie … as long as they do not keep those long trailers coming …

Very often I am against massive trailers like this one. I want to keep ‘some’ visual surprises for the big day. whoever you are imagine you are a guy about the get married. It’s like seeing the entire process of your wife getting her bridal dress being made.

6 months before the wedding here she comes with the tissue she is gonna use, you get to see just a tiny piece but you get the idea, it’s gonna be white. And then she shows you a bigger piece, and then the shoes, and then what her hair are gonna look like, then she put the dress on and runs in the garden on a rainy foggy day for more drama effect while you take a peek from the kitchen window. Then one day she puts on the dress at night and flashes the light in the bedroom as a surprise effect … yeah you got it. You are getting married it’s gonna happen and it feels like the all magic is gone (besides the fact that your future wife might be crazy). This is how it feels for me to see those damn trailers.

They did their best to milk The Hunger Games … but there it is, the final chapter, coming this November (just 4 months to go) which gives them plenty of time to spoil even more of the movie. Until then we will ‘march together’ watching like good citizens everything that comes our way from the capital of entertainment.

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