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Forget Katniss!
WES CHATHAM takes flight as Castor in Mockingjay: Part 2.

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Here is a film that follows the long haul journey of everyone’s favourite heroine, Katniss Everdeen. Therefore, who better to document the inevitable uprising against the Capitol than the burly Castor, aka Wes Chatham.

Mockingjay: Part 2 is due to break the Internet over the next few weeks with the cast in full promotion force. The world tour begins in a week and, with a franchise that is so engrained in our minds, this final film is sure to be the top grossing movie in the entire tetralogy. Despite being a later introduction to the franchise, Wes’ personal experience is just as poignant. “It’s definitely sad the fact that we all became a family and that we were part of this amazing adventure for years and now we’re moving on from that”.

However, there’s nothing like an eventful wrap party to wipe away those tears. “There were a lot of parties! There was a really wonderful wrap party that we all went to. There was a sad atmosphere because all of these people have been working together for so many years but there was also a satisfied feeling in the air because they’re really proud of the work that’s been done. They told the story that needed to be told. The timing was right”.

Despite the dystopian nature of the film and the dark and serious themes present, it definitely seems like a cast any actor would crave to be a part of. “I don’t say this all the time but this was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had making a film. The movie is very dark and we spent 9-10 months shooting it and dealing with that subject matter on a daily basis. If you take it too seriously you would go crazy. Off camera it was non-stop joking and fun and games”.

As if we didn’t guess already, it seems Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest “jokester” on set. However, for Wes there is a clear distinction between ‘jokester’ and ‘prankster’. “In terms of a jokester, it would probably be Jen. Prankster – someone who’s actually doing thought out pranks, definitely Woody!”

A game that proved quite popular on set was the ‘circle game’ whereby someone makes a circle with their hand, like an ‘OK’, below their waist and attempts to get people to look at it. If you fail by looking at the circle, you get punched! Who wouldn’t want to play this on the Hunger Games set? One cast member stood out as the biggest competitor though. “Woody was the best at this game and as soon as you were focused on something else during a scene, he was trying to distract you with the circle! Then you get punched in the arm. We took that game very seriously and played that extensively”.

With the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 tour fast approaching, we’ll get to see a lot more of Wes and the legendary cast that make up this paramount franchise. “What I enjoy about the premiere is getting together with the cast and crew who I haven’t seen in a while. You go off and you do these movies and you get really close with everybody then as soon as its over, everyone goes off and does their own thing and you don’t see them again until the premiere, so that’s always nice”.

Even though Hunger Games has occupied most of his time, Wes has many other projects up his sleeve. In another dark and brooding film, Wes is set to play ‘Daniel’ alongside Blake Lively in a psychological drama, All I See Is You. “I play somebody that’s a good friend of hers [Blake Lively] who has a big crush on her. As her marriage starts to get strained through a bunch of different circumstances, I start to become a tempter”.

As if that’s not enough to tease his fans, he has another enterprise that is sure to set tongues wagging. “There is this show I’m really excited about it’s called The Expanse. It comes out December 14th about a month after the Hunger Games. It’s on the sci-fi channel. I’ve seen most of it so far and I’m just blown away by it. It is something I’m really excited about and excited for everyone see”.
Lionsgate have been tantalizing fans with teaser trailers and short clips for the final instalment of this mega franchise. The anticipation is almost too much to bear as we embark on the final leg of this long, enduring battle.




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    Wes is such a talented actor who is quick witted, handsome, and fun to be with.


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