The Key to Accessorizing

Every outfit needs accessories, whether out of necessity or out of sheer desire for style. There is a way to get that perfect balance of practical and pretty, or even just maximize the most out of looking perfectly accented. This can be done with three different main types of accessories: jewelry, handbags, and other accessories like glasses, hats, and even scarves.


This is the first thingthat comes to mind when most people think of accessorizing an outfit. With jewelry, part of the key to being sure the look is balanced includes setting a tone for the outfit. For instance, a classy set of pearl jewelry will be perfect for a professional meeting one morning, but a simple silver bracelet would work better for brunch with friends.

The tone of the outfit will dictate how many and what type of jewelry pieces you wear. It is always good to wear more than one piece and to make sure the pieces are cohesive either in terms of the metals they’re made of or in terms of the color of the gemstones of the piece.

Sometimes some of the best jewelry pieces to accessorize with are just everyday pieces that you always wear, like a pair of diamond stud earrings. This is good for just a day out running errands or for a night out.


Handbags work as a nice popof color for some outfits, especially depending on the season. Spring and summer are great opportunities to find bags that are one specific color, like a blue or a bright yellow, that you can wear with a neutral outfit for a bit color. You can also wear a color that goes well with the color of the handbag, like wearing a navy outfit with a bright yellow handbag. They can also bring out any colors already in the outfit, such as a white purse bringing out the white polka dots on a dress.

It is also important to consider the type of handbag that you want to wear. This can vary depending on the occasion and how many things that you are going to need. For instance, clutches are better for formal events where the outfit gets more attention, but a larger handbag or traditional purse is better for a day at the store.

Other Types of Accessories

Glasses and hats can also help bring out the best in an outfit. Glasses especially can help you look more studious or more in touch with culturein certain situations or help add a preppy flair to your outfit. Sunglasses also help any look by being both practical and adding an element of color or flair of style to a simple outfit.

Hats can help add something special to outfits as well. The style and connotation that they add depends on the type of hat. For instance, a beret adds an element of class and sophistication, and they especially work when they are solid and they stand out from a patterned top. Baseball caps are cute, trendy, and back in style for working out, hiking, and everyday life. They are easy to find online and around town and you can support small businesses by having hats that have their logos on them.

In order to make the most of your outfit and to look as cute as you possibly can, it really does not take much. Quality is better than quantity in terms of outfit accessories, but don’t be afraid to wear a lot of bold accessories all at once. Whatever will make you stand apart as fashionable, but also make you feel good, are the best things for you to wear with your outfit. Go forth and accessorize with no fear.

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