We all have that friend; that friend with his/her finger on the pulse, the one who is oozing with talent, and the one who we know would not be happy with Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest perfume as a gift. With various subscriptions, classes and ways to spark creativity, there is no shortage of ideas, it’s just knowing the best of what’s out there where it might get tricky.

Spark Their Creativity

One of the most thoughtful gifts can often come in the form of encouragement. Giving that friend a gentle push to pursue their creative passion can often be exactly what they needed and it also reiterates how much you believe in them.

  • For the writers out there, items like a typewriter, a travel diary, or a fancy pen may be the exact thing they needed to get their creativity flowing.
  • Perhaps your friend is the type that was destined for big things and you’ve always known this. Having a popular blog is the dream of some, so why not get them their very own free domain name by seeing what’s available here. They can see how it goes for a year, and then have the option to continue the fees if they enjoy blogging!
  • If they’re the photographer type, then try out some film for their camera. Sometimes the thing that’s stopping them from taking more photos is the fact that film can get expensive.

A Subscription

Subscriptions have transformed from that last minute gift idea to some of the most thoughtful and diverse presents out there. Whether your friend is a lover of art, music, literature, or alcohol, there really is something for everyone. Here’s the list of our top four types of subscriptions:

  • Magazines are the perfect option for those friends who like to dip in and out of reading on certain topics in their free time and these vary for all tastes including everything from literature (NYRB) to gardening (The American Gardener). With subscriptions to yours truly, BELLO mag, you can save 50% of the cover price.
  • There’s a number of flower subscription services that will be sure to brighten up your friend’s home or workspace on a weekly basis such as H.Bloom for example.
  • Wine is another excellent option – while most of these come in the form of a wine club, they work pretty much the same as a subscription except require more information regarding taste and preference.
  • Whether it’s gourmet food recipes, various types of spices or organic farmer’s market items, a food subscription service may be the right option for your friend. Blue Apron and Marley Spoon are two of the best-known meal subscription brands and provide a quality service.

Take Classes Together

The older we get, the more valuable our time becomes and the more we appreciate gifts that involve spending more time together! Perhaps doing an activity together could be just the gift for your friend. Why not learn something new?

  • With the growing consciousness around what food we’re putting into our bodies and where it’s coming from, there is more desire than ever to do cooking classes. This can also be an extremely fun and creative way to spend time with each other.
  • Try getting sporty together. Maybe you could sign up to that self-defense class that your friend has been eyeing up, or the Pilates class held down the road from their house. This will help keep you both fit and in good spirits for the coming months.
  • Arts and crafts classes are not for everyone but can often be the perfect solution for many. Becoming a master with knitting needles or a stick of glue can be very rewarding and could also make both of your homes look amazing!

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