The Perfect Holiday Smile: White Edition

Like it or not, your smile is going to be photographed left and right during the holiday season. And you do not want to look back at photos of you avoiding a big smile or thinking ‘why aren’t my teeth white?’.

Once every other month I use and try new whitening solutions, from toothpaste to innovative products. Here is a little selection that will make your smile whiter and healthier in no time:

The Luster Premium White.

It’s pretty much the ultimate whitening that brighten your smile up to 6 shades with zero tooth sensitivity. They have 3 lines depending on what you feel you need the most.


The Pro Light Dental Whitening System is easy to use and very effective. AcceleRinse to pre-treat teeth, a Whitening Serum with active dental peroxide, a Dual-Action Whitening Light for optimal whitening … et voila. Also available the Smile Illuminator Instant Whitening Kit and Power White Deep Stain Eraser.

It is available at many retailers such as Target but also online at Luster Premium White official site.

Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening Action


My favorite toothpaste leaving your mouth with the most extreme feeling of clean possible with their micro active bubbles doing the work with you!

And the last but not the least tool for a perfect healthy smile.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss


To be honest with you flossing never was a passion of mine, until my other half brought me back from a dental conference in the UK the amazing Philips Sonicare Airfloss. Ever since, I never flossed so much in my life. First of all  it removes up to 99.9% (a safe way to say 100%) of plaque that brushing missed and it’s fun! I am not kidding you, it’s kind of addictive. I now floss twice a day. It’s so easy to use. easy to charge and recommended to use with mouthwash, but you can just use water.


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First of all, excuse my French! … I was born in the South of France. Lived in Paris for 10 years and travelled the world until I moved to Los Angeles in 2008, because obviously recession was a great time to move to a new country! I also arrived around Halloween and was greeted at the Social Security offices by a nurse who directed to the window Number 6 so a witch could hand me my social security number. Welcome to America. I am a painter, a photographer and the creative director of BELLO mag.

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