The return of The ShOws

When a fashion designer hits it big in the international scene, they sometimes forget their roots. If they’re Canadian, they probably don’t; it’s a patriotic thing. But, while they may no longer reside on Canuck soil, they’re always welcome back. Hence, The Shows.

For those not in the know, The Shows are runway presentations that allow local talent to show their latest collection to the Canadian press. Think of it as New York’s Milk Studios; huge industry players coming together on a smaller, more intimate scale.

bellavance ss 2014

Relatively new to the scene is Bellavance, from co-designers Nolan Bellavance and Ava Hama. Their take on spring 2014 felt like a walk through the Hamptons. Wrap dresses resembling robes, crop tops and crisp blazers all done in a palette of white, sky blue, black and peach. When models traipsed by in striped ensembles, the fabrics resembled sails waving in the wind.

calla ss 2014

Calla Hayes is quickly making a name for herself as one to watch. Her girl was going to the beach for the season. The feel was of a surfer girl who could peel off her outer layers and ride the waves in splashy swimwear. The corals and flower patterns, mixed in with a raffia-like tweed added a bit of edge to what could’ve been a whimsical theme.

steven tai ss 2014

For those want blend B-Boy chic with a sci-fi twist, there’s Steven Tai. Reigning in some of the more elaborate elements from previous collections, this time voluminous silhouettes in dainty, yet complex fabrics (the mostly white pieces with splashes of intricate patterns left many people doing double takes), gave the line a fresh take on the relaxed attitude in sportswear today.

jeremy laing ss 2014

Saving the most famous name for last, Jeremy Laing is a local favorite who’s made a few friends south of the border (Vogue being one of them). For a designer who loves white, black and grey, it was a pleasant surprise to see shots of colour and pattern for spring 2014. Plenty of tunics, board shorts, layered dresses and ponchos (and a smattering of sheer and super short men’s pieces) left the audience very satisfied.

Who’s coming around next time? Erdem? The boys of DSquared? Who knows? But, at least the opportunities are there for them to present back at home.

(Photos courtesy of Brill Communications/Michael Ho)

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