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There’s something about having a rum-based cocktail in the summer months. True, most people associate mixed drinks with a vodka-based tipple, but when the temperatures rise, you want a cocktail to be associated with a little heat. A rum-based drink can do that in a few shakes. And if you can’t go to the tropics to get one, have the tropics come to you.

At a recent pop-up Rum Lounge held at Saks Fifth Avenue, Appleton Estate created an escape from the everyday, with brand-inspired décor, vintage game stations and the serving of premium rum cocktail creations paired with expertly-crafted dishes. (For those not in the know, Appleton Estate has been crafting rums with the spirit of Jamaica for over 265 years.)

While I’ve always been a fan of an old fashioned (rum, sugar syrup, angostura and orange bitters) or one on the rocks (rum and a couple of cubes of ice in a glass), there are endless ways to use the spirit. It’s more versatile than the typical rum-and-coke.

Fans of the brand might be well-versed in the qualities of its Signature Blend (honey, fruity) and Reserve Blend (nutmeg and spice), but what they don’t realize are the others in the portfolio just waiting to be sampled. The Rare Blend 12 Year Old (a rich mahogany hue, woody character and smooth, robust taste), 21 Year Old (a unique character, flavor, and sensorial bouquet), and 50 Year Old (world’s oldest barrel-aged rum and only 800 bottles of this rum have been created – the retail is approx $5,000 for a 750ml bottle) varieties are meant to be sipped. Slowly. Not everything is meant for a mixed drink.

Try one – or all – of the Appleton Estate rums. There’s still time. Summer’s around for three months.

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