The SKINny on SKIN: 8 reasons exercise is your best secret skin care ingredient!

Need a little extra motivation to get yourself to the gym this week? As most of us focus on the benefits of our workouts from the neck down, you’ll be happy to learn that your hours of sweat and dedication in the gym have amazing benefits for your face as well!

1. Beauty is not only skin deep – Exercise is good for every organ in the body, and since the skin is the largest organ, it goes without saying that the skin benefits as well. The more toned you are beneath your skin, the healthier your skin will look and feel on the surface. Sometimes a skin boosting supplement can be the workout the inside of your body needs… Youth Builder Dietary Supplement by Murad helps improve skin clarity and tone, boosts collagen production and reduces lines and wrinkles.






2. Sweating bullets! – The body only has a few major mechanisms to rid itself of toxins — the kidneys, the liver, and the skin. Through rigorous exercise sweat purges your body of some of these toxins. However, what is excreted in sweat is acidic and can clog your pores and plague your skin with breakouts if you don’t wash it right away. The best advice is to work out without make up on, especially if you are prone to breakouts, but rinsing with clean water or keeping skin purifying wipes in your gym bag will leave you with the benefit of the workout and not with evidence of the effects of sweat on your face. Anyone seeking an on-the-go anti-aging treatment that doesn’t sacrifice quality for convenience should try these Dr. Dennis Gross EZ4U Facial Towelettes. These high-performing, individually wrapped towelettes are ideal for post-gym cleansing, provide the benefits of four skincare products (cleanser, toner, wrinkle reducer and moisturizer) in one towelette, and their potent formula is safe for all skin types.




3. Dab, don’t wipe – Most gyms use a lot of bleach and toxic chemicals to clean their towels making them white and sanitary, but quite abrasive. Be sure not to wipe the sweat off your face as wiping can be damaging to your skin. Dabbing or patting is much better and maybe even consider bringing your own towel! A great option is the Jane Iredale Magic Mitt, which can be used dry or wet. When wet, it has a special hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup or sweat to the skin while the fibers gently exfoliate. It will even remove mascara with just water!






4. Drink like a fish! As we sweat out toxins and increase blood flow, drinking plenty of water as you exercise is crucial to keeping your systems and your skin flushed and hydrated. Replacing water you lost through sweat is one of the easiest ways to keep skin supple and clear of pimples and blemishes. You can also try BORBA Skin Balance Waters. Each formula is specially engineered with exotic superfruits, vitamins, nutrients and botanicals to target major skin concerns where they start – from within.





5. In the buff – As you get older your skin loses collagen, which are the fibers that support your skin and help keep the appearance of wrinkles at bay. Exercise promotes the body’s natural collagen production and by adding in weights you can increase the elasticity of your skin as well. But a good skin care regimen with products packed with cell plumping nutrients such as micro peptides can help skin elasticity. Having a cleanser, a moisturizer, an eye cream, a mask and a serum that all have this same goal in mind is really the key. I love Arc Beauty’s cell plumping and cell renewing products. The New Sensation Mask is hot upon contact and the Star Power Cell Plumping Serum is amazing on it’s own or under makeup as a primer.






6. Reconnect with nature – Outdoor exercise can be beneficial for one’s mental health, promoting beauty from the inside out. For those of you who enjoy exercising outdoors, be sure to try to avoid peak sun hours between 10-4 and wear sunscreen! If you have naturally oily skin or problems with acne, choose a gel, or a powder laced with SPF protection (like Peter Thomas Roth’s Mineral powder in SPF 30), or wear a hat! If you have normal to dry skin, creamy lotions (like Neutrogena’s Age Shield in SPF 30) or SPF in your daily makeup are fine, but make sure to reapply after a workout.





7. Pooling your resources – One of the best outdoor exercise choices is swimming, since the water keeps skin cool even when you build up body temperature, and the chlorine can be clarifying for acne prone skin. But, be sure to moisturize your skin immediately afterward because chlorine can strip the skin of its natural oils, which over time could cause wrinkles. Adding in Murad’s Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum to your post swim routine will quench your dehydrated skin, decrease irritation and redness while locking in needed moisture.






8.Relax! Keep in mind that you cannot tone and build facial muscles like other body muscles. While there are fads concerning facial exercise, over-exaggerated or repeated facial movements can actually make more expression lines and wrinkles appear. My number one rule: absolutely no squinting! The good news is that Peter Thomas Roth has developed a new Un-Wrinkle skin care line to help undo whatever damage might have been done. These innovative wrinkle fighting products are formulated with an exclusive, patent-pending blend of six powerful, active wrinkle relaxing and anti-aging peptides and neuropeptides and other advanced ingredients to help reduce the appearance of deep wrinkle, fine lines and expression lines.






Exercise offers a number of benefits for your skin, and should be an important part of your skin care regimen. So add a ‘glowing complexion’ to ‘good health’ and a ‘toned body’ when listing your reasons for getting in a daily workout.

Researched and written by Suzie Moldavon Twitter @suziemoldavon Facebook Fanpage

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    I have found this article written by Ms. Moldavon motivating, informative and timely. I do exercise and had pondered the side effects of sweating . Additionally, I will be sure to dab, or pat my skin when I am in the gym. Further, I have tried some of the Arc Beauty line and found their serum to be outstanding. The mask and eye cream have been particularly effective! Love all the inside information about taking good care of your skin—keep it coming!!!!


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