The Walking Dead! I Declare The 2014 Hunting Season Open

After last week’s explosive episode I imagined it would be hard to pack another episode with so much action. I imagined wrong. Spoiler Alert!

OMD (Oh Mon Dieu … I am French btw) this episode titled “Strangers” was insane. From the priest to the food bank flooded basement scene, the car chase by Daryl and Carol and the final scene of everyone being happy around delicious food! It was intense.

First that priest. We know we cannot trust him, that is just how things go on The Walking Dead. But the group got out what they wanted out of it, which is a lot of food. Unfortunately this looks more like a trap than a chance to regain some forces. In fact are they feeding themselves in order to be more appetizing? Yes I know that last scene of cannibalism was crazy. Now we know Gareth is not a nice guy turned bad just to survive, he is a monster!!!! To the point that I was asking myself, what made other people think the governor was a bad guy? OK he killed Herselh and Andrea (and I HATE him for that) but before his camp was attacked he was just a simple guy trying to make a better life for everyone, including his dead daughter.

Yep, you know things are about to get ugly when you remember the Governor with some sort of nostalgia!

Now they are running in the wild towards DC, being chased by walkers and cannibals. Can things get worse? I am afraid they will. Well, I am not afraid in fact I want it in some sort of sick way (thank you TWD). But at the same time I do not want anyone to die …

Unlike previous seasons where we saw our heroes settle down in hope to recreate a safe world. I feel like this will never happen again, they are on the run for the rest of their lives. And what if there is no cure? What if this story is just made up by a guy who wants people to follow him and help him survive to go back to his family in hope to find them alive? have you though of that!?!? I can’t even process that yet …

For now we have so much to deal with. Where are Daryl and Carol gonna end up? They need to rescue Beth. Can ANYONE give Michonne her sword back? please.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.54.01 AM

Carl the biggest surprise of the season for me, who spent the first two seasons wishing a walker would bite his face off. I have to admit, I did not liked that kid … until now.

Can we talk about Tyreese … WAKE UP Tyreese! I was so mad when I saw that final scene and the first guy we see is this idiot who was supposed to be dead “I took care of it” !!! Come ON Tyreese! If it was not for my peaceful pledge while watching The Walking Dead I kind of wished Tyreese should have been the one on the BBQ.

So it looks like the hunting season is now officially open … RUN!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.53.12 AM

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