‘Time Out’ by Ty Foster

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Photographer Ty Foster is an animal lover and we love his photography! This ‘Time Out’ series featuring dogs (and some mean cats) in their cone of shame is just brilliant.

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Lets be honest, if you have a dog or a cat or if you’ve even had the privilege of owning a cat or dog – most likely they have been to the vet and they’ve been banished to time out with the cone of shame. From a dog’s perspective the cone falls into the ‘items that should be banished to the depths of hell’ category, along with the vacuum, going to the vet and the mailman. The cone, unlike the previously listed items, is the only torture that lasts for a prolonged period, making a normal life infuriating and it‘s just down right embarrassing – not to mention that you can’t see anything besides what is in front of you. timeout is a series about those hardships that are associated with the cone of shame – emotionally and physically. From being a hinderance at food time, giving the cat a ‘torment handicap’, and preventing the simplest pleasure of scratching behind your ear. TIMEOUT showcases how dogs truly feel about the plastic prison that is the cone.

+ Time Out by Ty Foster (full series)

Time Out by Ty Foster

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