Time To Get Vanderpumped Up: WeHo’s Brilliant New TOM TOM Restaurant Is Finally Open!

By Brent Lambert (@FEELguide)

Last night was a huge night for Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, and Lisa and Ken Vanderpump. Their highly anticipated new restaurant TOM TOM opened its doors for a sneak preview, and BELLO was fortunate enough to be invited.

Fans of Vanderpump Rules will remember the genesis of the project came from season 5 when Lisa approached both Toms about the idea (you can watch that moment below). From that small spark a little over a year ago, to the final stunning result, the full journey of bringing TOM TOM to life can be seen in every meticulous detail inside its doors. The rear patio is just one of TOM TOM’s treasures to behold. The open-sky space is adorned with glowing chandeliers and wrapped in beautifully aged wood and mirrors. It also happens to overlook the busy basketball court of West Hollywood Park down below.

The main interior space is anchored by its main centerpiece: a stunning marble-topped, mile-long bar which will host countless visitors in the years to come as they sip on all of TOM TOM’s extraordinary cocktails. Beautiful hearths, and warm, natural tones and materials also give TOM TOM its earthy, grounded charm.

But TOM TOM is much more than just WeHo’s newest, most beautiful restaurant — its delicious menu is full of mouth-watering surprises. Shrimp jicama tacos, kobe beef sliders, and an irresistible bacon/gruyere mac and cheese are just a few of the menu’s very best offerings.

The amazingness that is TOM TOM is located at 8932 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069, just a stone’s throw from PUMP! For more goodies be sure to follow TOM TOM on Instagram.

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