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Actor, TOM BATEMAN reveals his very versatile style.

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Versatile, talented and very charming. That about sums up the charismatic Tom Bateman.
This Broadway star has spread his wings from theatre to the world of TV as he depicts Robert Jekyll, grandson of the legendary Dr. Jekyll in Jekyll and Hyde. On top of that, he was also cast as the dashing William Shakespeare in last year’s Broadway show, Shakespeare in Love. Quite the accolade! It’s no wonder this British-born gem has garnered such success with the revelation of huge support from his close family who have championed him every step of the way.


Congratulations on your latest role as Robert Jekyll in ITV’s new drama! How did you feel about playing this role in such an iconic tale?
I was so excited when I read the script, I just thought it was amazing and I wanted to jump on board. Each script I read, it was just getting better and better and I was getting more excited. Then came the daunting moment where I got the role and then thought “Fuck, I’ve got this role and now I have to do it!” I mean, you get to play two characters, you get to play this normal guy and then you get to be this superhero evil monster.

Which character do you enjoy more, the more psychotic or. . .
[He laughs] I have to say the more psychotic. The psychotic’s the fun one and whenever we’re doing a Hyde shoot, everyone on set gets so excited. Eplosions happen, these massive fights occur and you get these fantastic lines which Charlie Higson has written. So that’s the really fun one, but I think the really interesting thing is actually Jekyll. It is very easy to get seduced by Hyde because he’s the badass but Jekyll is the one who actually has to deal with the consequences and he’s the one who actually has feelings.

I see in October you will be on stage for Kenneth Branagh’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’, which he is also starring in. He’s done some incredible work, what was it like acting with him as well as him directing the production?
I’ve just come from rehearsals today, he’s an amazing man but I don’t know how many caverns his brain holds. To do a scene with someone who is watching you as a director and an actor, I don’t know how he does it because he’s completely in the moment with you. He gives you everything and he’s listening and then he’ll suddenly snap out of it and become the director. It’s quite odd to do a scene like that. It can sometimes be disheartening knowing they’re directing you. I’m learning so much from him and I remember in my audition Kenneth and I were as close as you and I are now and I kept thinking to myself, “How are you so good? I don’t know what it is about you.” He actually put me off in one of my auditions because I was just absolutely enthralled by him. It’s so amazing to watch him and Judi Dench, they’ve been acting since before I was born and they’re so good, I just sat there taking mental notes. It’s an absolute joy to be in a room with those people, quite intimidating but also exciting. I get to say lines to heroes of mine.


So tell me about ‘Shakespeare in Love’?! How did you find playing the dashing protagonist?
That was amazing, one of the best experiences of my life! It was also one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, as it was such a big show. I think I lost about a stone in weight, as I was just bouncing from here to there. The cast was wonderful, working with all these amazing people. A lot of my friends did say, “Who the hell do you think you are playing William Shakespeare?”

You seem very close to your family. What was their reaction? Are any of them in the business too?
They’re not, they were great though. I remember my mum saying to me when I was about 15 when I told her I wanted to be an actor, she said: “You don’t know how lucky you are to know what you want to do at this age because most people don’t.” I think she was just excited about that and the fact that I knew I wanted to do it. I said to her: “I’d do this for free, I don’t care if I get paid.” It’s just doing it that I love and I think that they saw that and they were very supportive. They never really did the ‘you know it’s hard,’ which probably makes them bad parents! They’re very supportive but at the same time they keep me very grounded, they keep me humble.

Your résumé is very impressive and quite classically British. Do you plan to continue on this route or is Hollywood in your sights?
I think it would be the characters, it would be the jobs. There are some amazing things in Hollywood and amazing films coming out. Hollywood can give you amazing opportunities but it’s always got to be about the job and the story because otherwise–what are you doing it for?

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