Top 5 Websites to Visit When You Are Bored

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It seems to be a very slow day where you are off from work and cannot figure out what to do with the rest your life. You end up on the internet. While there, you just want to do something out of the ordinary. With the internet, you have countless possibilities of where you may land. You can join the casino game lovers to play online slots with bonus without making a deposit or signing up. Most people would think of taking a peep at their Facebook accounts to see what is in store or turn to Twitter to find out what is trending. Below, we shall look at 5 websites, which you can visit when bored out of your mind:

Flash by night

Put on your gaming act and get ready for those skills to be tested. From the popular Tetris to the IQ games, you are about to get your hands full on this. It intrigues and offers a great way to pass time while you sharpen your gaming skills.


If you want to feel young and vibrant in our most boring moment, the BuzzFeed will be a nice fit. It features multiple fun stories in the form of articles for you to have fun with. When it comes to humour, you have to get your act right. On a boring day, you cannot afford to waste it all on sleep. Simply visit this website and at the end of the day, you will have on a different character.

Free Rice

Imagine passing time while you help feed the poor. It is real and offers you the opportunity to answer questions directed to you. And in return, for a correct answer, a donation of 10 rice grains is made to charity. In short, the more free time you spend on this website, the more unlikely people are to go hungry.

Incredi Box

They say music is food for the soul and that is what you need when you are bored. This website sends that kind of soul food on your way where you can create music with ease. If you have ever admired the work of a DJ, then you can live up to that dream on this site.

Honest slogans

In an electioneering period, multiple slogans will fly in the air for different candidates and they will look to take the day in one way or another. What if you had fun with such slogans by twisting them a little bit to give a different meaning? This website does that for you. You will enjoy scrolling through the many famous slogans from famous brands and personalities.
All of the above are just some of those sites you can visit and enjoy your free time. There are more of such websites and thus you do not have to limit yourself in terms of what you can do.

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