Top 5 Youtube Gambling Channels

YouTube is currently a number one online resource for starting one’s extended promotional campaign. Tonnes of video content are being uploaded daily with some particular movies gaining thousands of views in a just couple of days. Naturally, online casinos and gambling sites try to keep up with the times and, therefore, open their own channels on YouTube to attract an audience of all ages and social layers. The fact is such an advertising tool works much more efficient compared to using banners like ‘play slots here’ or ‘get your bonuses’. In terms of popularity, a subscriber base often plays a much more relevant part.

Poker Stars


Pokerstars offers some engaging and educational videos for everyone willing to start playing poker either professionally or just for fun. The content is traditionally rated 18+. So far it is the largest and the most frequently visited gambling channel on YouTube with 288 943 subscribers and more than 105 million views. The content is being updated on a regular basis.

Pechanga Casino


Pechanga Casino is regarded to be the best and the biggest among Southern California’s resorts, situated in Temecula’s picturesque Wine Country. It is known worldwide and, surely, has its own YouTube channel to keep the viewers interested in visiting the casino personally.

Up to the moment the channel’s acquired above 23 thousand subscribers and some 42 million views. Although the video content is relatively small, it boasts some breathtaking sceneries and catchy movies.



This is another resource, gathering one of the largest online gambling communities under its flag. The official bwin Youtube channel subscriber base currently counts 81k users, which is nearly four times bigger than the Pechanga Casino’s base. And, according to the tendency, it’s going to grow. With some 528 uploaded videos, the channel’s got 31 133 243 views in total.



Betsafe is known for providing bettors with the unique opportunities to bet on the whole variety of major sports and racing events. With the subscriber base of 37k people and above 500 videos it is among the list of the top gambling channels. Up to the moment, Betsafe received more than 20 million views.



Betfair is one of those sites that offer punters a chance to get some insider tips on the upcoming horse races and football matches, same as win a pretty sum. There’s plenty of tutorial videos on how one starts placing wagers, how to make your bets profitable and so on. In addition, the service boasts frequently emerging bonus programs like Price Rush. Whenever it is active your odds are being boosted. Also, one can find the downloadable apps, suitable for both iOS and Android that are being discussed in some of the videos. Al in all, the channel’s got 747 uploaded videos and around 12k subscribers.

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