Visiting Casinos around the world is a wonderful thing to do. One of the most glamorous Casinos on the planet is located in Monaco. The “Casino de Monte-Carlo”. Tucked in between France and Italy, its location is already dreamy.

I truly wish a visit to those places would have casinos free spins offers like online casinos are doing. It sure would be a lovely incentive both to attract new players and to retain the loyalty of their existing ones.


The south of France is also known for its wonderful beaches. While spending your nights in the opulence of the local casino is a must, you may want to make the best of the gorgeous weather and warm waters of the Mediterranean sea. If your lucky star brought you that far, you may only be a spin away from the big win. That’s where online gaming comes handy on your digital device, while working on your tan and sipping on a freshly pressed fruit juice.


Monaco is part of the French Riviera and offers wonderful sightseeing such as “The Musée Oceanographique” build on a cliff. It is one of the most impressive building in the city. It’s literally “Game of Thrones” meets “Nemo”. It took 11 years to build this masterpiece.


The museum is home to exhibitions and collections of various species of sea fauna. Four thousand species of fish and over 200 families of invertebrates can be seen. The aquarium also features a presentation of Mediterranean and tropical marine ecosystems. A visit to the giant aquarium is one of the most relaxing thing to do.

If you are lucky enough to visit Monaco around that time of the year. You may even be able to enjoy the famous Formula One Monaco Grand Prix race , one of the best things happening there every year. It is the only car race in the world that is held on city streets. The narrow and twisted streets are ideal for racing.

One of the best seat to enjoy this race is not a seat but a Yacht – of course – a the “Yacht Club de Monaco”. Very chic.


When not closed for the annual race, The port is a pleasant area to stroll or stop for a snack. There are many restaurants and cafés with outdoor seating to enjoy the view after wonderful sightseeing, and I bet you that you will have time of your life. From the port, you can also take a catamaran ride around Monaco to see this unique and incredible coastline.

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