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Featured in Bello Mag #48 July 2013 Beautiful Issue.

Tyler Posey

American television has had its fair share of Wolves on screen, and now that Hollywood has taken note of what works and what doesn’t, movie theaters nationwide, and internationally are seeing more and more wolves a showing. But nothing says “this a good thing” like getting a double series order on a network known to generally have a 12-episode season standard.

That’s exactly what happened to Tyler Posey, the title character on the network’s supernatural series Teen Wolf, an adaptation of the 1980s cult classic, starring Michael J. Fox.

Stepping into those shoes was honorable to say the least according to Posey, only 21. “It wasn’t so much that I was a fan of the original film, it was more so that I was a fan of Michael J. Fox’s work,” He says. The MTV installment follows the title character in a slightly different tone and style than the Rod Daniel directed film. It’s darker, funnier, and definitely sexier. With Posey leading the cast, it’s almost impossible for the series to not embody the newfound sexiness that producer Jeff Davis has so generously added.

Posey, a California born bred guy, has brought the character of Scott McCall to life, and three seasons later, he’s managed to escape any and every negative notion once mentioned when news broke out of the MTV’s plans to adapt the more than decade old film. “So much has changed for me,” he says. “I can’t walk down the street without being looked at, recognized, photographed.” He continued, “I’ve been able to travel the world thanks to the show. I’ve done and been places I never thought I would. I’ve been really blessed.”

Blessed, he is, in some ways more than others. “I don’t work out. In-fact, I hate working out,” says the ultra ripped image of an athlete. It just takes one viewing of any of Teen Wolf’s previously aired episodes to note that Posey is one of the selected, the elite group of humans that don’t have to shed a single drop of sweat to obtain a killer-bod, one only fit for a teenage werewolf. “People are usually shocked to hear that,” he tells me, and with every bit of reason I agree as to why.

Another thing, not as apparent as his physique, is the fact that he has six-tattoos scattered around his body, all covered up really well on the show up until this season’s premier in which Posey’s character gets a tattoo on his right arm; of two bands across each-other. The tattoo, which is a major plot point in the episode, is Posey’s actual tattoo. “That one didn’t hurt as much as the tattoo on my calve did,” he says while letting out a quick laugh.

It’s evident that the series is a milestone for the network—so far its longest running scripted program. But even more so, having a person of Latino descent leading the series. “He has to be Latino, right?” says Posey of his character. Though his character’s ethnicity hasn’t been addressed directly on the series yet, Posey is pretty positive that it’s self-explanatory. “His mother’s a little dark as well. I’m sure he’s half Latino at least.”

Of course, after the long process of make-up Posey has to endure to become thee Teen Wolf, there’s not much Latino left, or anything for that matter. “Dylan’s [O’brien] never had to do it. He’s never really experienced what it’s like to go through the process, or being a wolf period,” says Posey. “If I had to pick one cast-member to give the bite to, it’d be him. Because of those reasons.”

O’brien and Posey, who play onscreen best-buds, have a similar relationship in real life. “He’s my best friend on set. We’ve gone through alot together.” O’brien’s character, Stiles, is the only character besides Posey’s, whose name carries on from the original film to the MTV adaptation.

At a distance, Tyler Posey does seem to somehow embody the essence of Scott McCall’s ‘Wolf-ness’ for lack of a better word, but he’s also very much a guy’s guy. Living in Northridge, California, he stays away from the hustle and bustle effect that the general Hollywood area could have on someone of Posey’s stature. Very much in love with his girlfriend of many years, with a gig on the side that requires him to growl and prance around like an animal from time-to time. It’s hard to believe that the same human played “Ty” along-side Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan, but then again, it seems almost destined to be. Even then, his presence left note of itself. With a career ahead of him, and a once in a life-time chance to recreate an iconic character and do so splendidly, Tyler Posey has paved the correct path, in a town where the road taken usually becomes a regret.

Photography Amanda Peixoto­ Elkins

Styling Karen Raphael

Grooming Gabrielle Pascua

Words by Dio Anthony

Production Leslie Allejandro

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey

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Tyler Posey

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