Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for the Music Lover

Do you know someone who’s constantly drumming the desk with his pencils or jamming with her headphones on? Maybe he’s always scoping out the next concert, or she’s the one dominating music at the party with her Spotify playlist. Although he or she will probably appreciate any gift, it’s obvious that what this person really wants is something related to the medium they love most: music. This holiday season is brimming with technology and accessories that will be music to their ears.

Band Posters

Band posters aren’t just delegated to your childhood bedroom or college dorm; many display beautiful artwork as well.  The posters can be of albums, past concert dates, or photographs of band members.  Find the posters online at any number of stores, including Etsy or Amazon.  If you get a poster, remember also to frame it. Check out a local craft store to find an inexpensive matte frames that will make the poster look anything but cheap.

Vinyl Frames

Speaking of frames, your friend may appreciate a frame to display a vinyl.  A vinyl is not only a beautiful way to hear older music the way it was originally recorded, but the covers are gorgeous as well.  Vinyl covers display unique and eye-catching art.  Displaying the cover on a wall can make for an interesting conversation piece as opposed to thumbing through an entire collection of records in a box.

Vinyl Record Player

There’s nothing wrong with collecting records for the look.  But if your friend wants to experience the intense sound of a vinyl, a record player is the next step.  Record players can go for as little as $100 and come in many different styles.  For the vintage connoisseur, there are contemporary record players with a vintage vibe—the perfect combo of modern technology and nostalgia.

Wireless Shower Speaker

Sometimes you just want to listen to music in your shower, but the best you can do is put your phone right outside on the counter.  Then if you’re lucky, you can barely hear the music over the sound of the water running.  With a wireless shower speaker your music lover can belt out Jojo’s song “FAB” in the shower.


Today we can go above and beyond the band shirts of the past (although we still love those too).  Today’s musicians have entire clothing brands to themselves.  Is your friend a Beyoncé fan?  Then she’s probably dying for something from Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s clothing brand.  Looking for something for the rap-inclined fellow? Check out a company like Stance; they offer men’s socks designed by music artists like Big Sean and Rihanna.

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

The second best thing to music is cats.  If the music lover in your life has one, they will roll over when they see this cat scratching pad.

Concert Ticket

You can never go wrong with buying him or her a concert ticket to their favorite artist.  However, tickets can be insanely expensive, so what’s a good alternative?  Look for tickets at intimate venues.  The artists may not be as famous as Kanye West or The Rolling Stones, but smaller venues can still attract well known artists from all around, and often with a smaller and more dedicated fan base.  Get one for you and him or her for a fun experience, or just give out two so that he or she can bring a friend.

Hamilton Gifts

Hamilton is everywhere.  If you haven’t seen the show or heard the music, you still know that it’s the greatest craze since cat videos.  And while scoring tickets to Hamilton on Broadway would probably catapult into being best friends for life, there are still thoughtful alternatives that are almost as cool.  The internet is an oasis for gifts like these and others related to musicians (and best of all, from small businesses).  So for the Hamilton fan, send a round of dueling shot glasses their way.  A small gift goes a long way!

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