Update Your Gadget Hoard Before Summer Begins

It’s always better if you can think of an excuse to buy some gadgets, especially when simply wanting them doesn’t seem a good enough reason to justify their purchase. Summer is on the way, with plenty of opportunities for entertaining at home and going out with friends. This makes for an ideal time to think ahead and decide what new gizmos and gadgets you can’t be without in the season that’s all about having fun.

Of course, you may be guilty of hoarding a few gadgets that were impulse purchases and that now sit in your home gathering dust. As a recent study from Promopony suggests, the start of summer is the perfect moment to sell off the things you no longer like or use, and make room for the new.

Once you’ve decided what to recycle or sell, you can decide what new gadgets you really can’t live without…

Chill those drinks!

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No matter how prepared you think you are for a party in the garden or a picnic on the beach, if the sun is shining and the mood is good, the chances are that you’ll run out of chilled beverages at some point. When at home, put the Epicureanist Wine Bottle Chiller to use. Just pop a bottle in the chiller, add cold water and ice and set the timer for 15 minutes. The chiller rotates, cooling the wine, or whatever drink you have chosen, evenly.

And if you’re out on a picnic in the park or at the beach, take the SpinChill Portable Drink Chiller with you. Ideal for those times when you’ve emptied the cooler and people are still thirsty. The SpinChill cools drinks in just one minute, by spinning the bottle over cold ice. Battery-powered, it can chill up to 300 cans before you need to change the batteries – as long as you have enough ice at your disposal! At around $25, it’s a handy little gizmo that makes a great fun gift.

Debug your phone

Germ counts on smartphones are always high; findings published in the Wall Street Journal suggested that cell phones could have more than 30,0000 colony-forming units on them. When you’re moving from beach to pool to sunbed to nightclub in the summer, your cellphone will probably encounter even more bacteria than it usually does.
Maybe it’s time to invest in PhoneSoap: a device with two UV-C lamps that kill bacteria and viruses using specific light wavelengths. All you do is put your phone inside and allow it to be “cleaned” for four minutes. They retail for $60, but if you shop around at sites like eBay, you can pick them up for around $30.


Waterproof your tunes

Unless you’ve got a waterproof phone already, you’re going to want to make sure that your cell phone stays dry when it’s likely to be in a splash zone by the pool or at the beach. Invest in a case like the LifeProof cases for iPhones and Android phones, which are dust and shock proof, as well as waterproof; perfect for pretty much any occasion. As they have a vacuum seal, you’ll still be able to use the touchscreen easily. Prices vary, depending on the iPhone you’re looking to cover.

Another gadget that any pool party can’t really do without is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. The Monster SuperStar BackFloat speaker does what it says on the box. Whether you’re kayaking on the ocean, or just hanging out at the pool, this speaker will let you listen to your tunes as you go. They’re available from around $75 – $130, depending on where you shop. LifeProof also sells Aquaphonics speakers.

Now we’ve got you thinking, what other gadgets will you be sourcing this summer?

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