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Jewelry combining Fashion and History.

Today I have received my gorgeous bracelet from Urbain.

This handcrafted beaded cedar wood bracelet called “The Marine” was made from a mid 19th century cedar saw logs from the Marine Mill. This historic wood sat preserved at the bottom of the St. Croix River for over 100 years, later to be found by residents of Marine, Minnesota. The Marine Mill served as a key part in pioneering the North and kicking off the rest of the continental development before its permanent close in 1895.

First I am always obsessed with packaging and I just love how they present their pieces. This particlar box came with a postcard of that Marine Mill and the first thing that I have enjoyed (and unfortunately I cannot share with you) is the fragrance of the cedar wood. I juts love that smell!


The bracelet is a beautiful unisex piece of jewelry that you can wear day and night. On top of looking beautiful, when people will give you a compliment on it, you’ll have quite the story. Hurry up, it’s a limited edition.


In the late 19th century, prospectors in northern Minnesota discovered extremely rich veins of hematite, often containing more than 65% iron. The Soudan Mine began operation in 1882, and moved to underground mining by 1900. By 1912 the mine was at a depth of 1,250 feet. When the mine closed in 1965, level 27 was being developed at 2,341 feet below the surface and the entire underground workings consisted of more than fifty miles of drifts, adits, and raises. This iron ore was gathered in the mid 1900’s, before the mine became a state park and can no longer be collected due to the protection of the mine. This rare material is the source of our newest collection, The Range.

+ The Marine – Historic Wood Bracelet Price $140

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