VenessaMichaels’ Is On A Direct “Flight” To Music Superstardom

By Brent Lambert (@FEELguide)

Ask any fan of producer, songwriter and DJ, VenessaMichaels, and they will tell you how her music has an incredible way of taking you on a journey like no other. Her sound and lifestyle has been defined as “transforming the past into the future,” and comes rich with influences from hip-hop and pop from the 90s and early 2000s. Now with her brand new EP Flight going bananas worldwide, what better time for BELLO to catch up with this rising musical superstar.

BELLO: Your new EP Flight is making big waves. Describe that feeling of working hard to bring a music project to life and finally releasing it out into the world.

VM: Making any project is a huge process. It takes so much time, effort, energy, and most importantly, love. When it finally comes out, it’s a relief because you are done. It never feels like it’s done until it’s out in the world. I’m glad it’s out, because I’m working on so much more to come!

BELLO: You’re touring soon with NIKI and Halsey. Which would you say is more rewarding for you: playing in front of a huge audience, or being in the nitty gritty of the studio?

VM: I think the best part of being in the nitty gritty of the studio is creating what’s going to be played for people. They go hand-in-hand and are equally rewarding.

BELLO: Who are your own major musical obsessions right now?

VM: SZA, and of course Doja Cat because she just dropped MOOO! And her other music is so fire.

BELLO: For those who’ve never heard your sound, what would be one way of describing it that would make someone want to drop everything and play it for the very first time?

VM: Club, pop & bops.

BELLO: Aside from your music, what are some other passions of yours that mean a lot to you these days?

VM: To be honest, I really don’t have too much time to spend on anything other than music. I’ve made my life revolve around music, because that’s what I love the most. In the small amounts of times I’m not producing or DJing, I’m probably watching The Office or something to get some fresh ears.

You can hear VenessaMichaels’ new EP Flight on Spotify, and follow her on Instagram.


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