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If you use free dating sites or applications, you are probably tired of freaks, perverts, and people only looking for a one-night thrill. Last week, I saw this review. This dating site positions itself as a platform that gathers men and women focused on finding a life partner. So I decided to test whether Victoria Hearts is a scam or a place where love is born and grows.

The company with its head office in Reno, Nevada was created several years ago as a platform that connects Americans and Russians. However, during these years VictoriaHearts has significantly expanded its geography. Now you can find men and women here from the U.S., Canada, Western and Eastern Europe.

On its main page, the site promises potential members a safe and confidential experience in searching for a long-lasting and meaningful relationship online. Of course, such standards are not for free. VictoriaHearts is a premium dating site, so in order to maintain its high quality,  you will have to pay for the chance to exchange messages and chat to  your soulmate here.

How to become a member

It took me three minutes to create an account on from my iPhone. The site’s mobile version works well. That’s important as most modern active and successful people prefer to use mobile devices for communication with their mates. Especially young adults.


Here all members can keep their privacy. All the registration form asks for is your name, date of birth, e-mail, password, and your and your partner’s sex.

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Then you need to click on the link in the confirmation e-mail to make your account visible to other members.


As the Victoria Hearts dating site focuses on a meaningful relationship, you are asked to share some personal information by answering short questions about yourself, your goal on the site, and the partner you are looking for here. It took me ten minutes to answer them all.

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After that, you’ll get access to other members’ profiles.  Although VictoriaHearts offers numerous search options, you  go far without them as the girls here are very active. Seriously. You can have more than five chats with pretty women at once, without even making an effort!. What’s the catch? You need to upgrade to premium membership to enjoy it.

Do I need a premium account on Victoria Hearts?

You don’t need to pay for joining the site or scrolling the profiles of other members. But if you want to interact with someone here, you need a subscription. The good news  is that the site now offers you 20 free credits as a welcome package, giving you the opportunity to test all the paid features of VictoriaHearts.

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ButI that’s not enough to build a real relationship. This amount of credits allows you to write only a few messages or e-mails. So, if you truly want to find a life partner, be ready to spend much more money on communication with other members. The next 20 credits will cost you $9.99. You can even arrange for VictoriaHearts to make automatic charges to prevent your chats from being interrupted by payment notifications.

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VictoriaHearts accepts Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard and uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your transactions, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your financial information.

In my experience, if you pay for something, you are more motivated to get results. Free dating site members usually tend to enjoy flirting and don’t even bother to move their relationship to the next stage.

On Victoria Hearts, women, as well as men, pay for the ability to meet a person who is serious about relations. Looks like a fair play. All the parties are highly motivated to find commitment, rather than spending money on communicating with dozens of random people just for kicks. So your chance to meet a life partner here is far greater than on the free dating sites.

 How to find a perfect woman on Victoria Hearts?

Viewing the pages of female members, I was blown away by their charm and beauty.

Diversity is a big plus of international dating platforms. On, you can meet people who don’t look like your colleagues or neighbors.

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That’s why its unique, playful Faces search  is an awesome tool. Using it, you flip through photos of beauties and give your “Like” to those who impress you most. They will get a notification and, more often than not, reciprocate your sympathies.

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It’s really fun, especially for men who don’t have any strict dating criteria that their life partner should satisfy.  If you are a conservative person, you can use a simple search or an extended search. A simple search allows you to filter women’s profiles based on age. The extended search  offers more criteria like the city of residence, marital status, and smoking habits.

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What’s next?

Every time I visit international dating sites, the question that inevitably pops into my mind is, “If I find the girl of my dreams here, how will I be able to go out on a date with her?” It’s not so easy if you live in different countries, and sometimes it can be dangerous too. A lot of people were harmed, robbed or even killed on the first date with men and women they had met online. I’ve written about some of them. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find the Request Meeting service, aimed at protecting VictoriaHearts members from such instances and guaranteeing their safety, even if their first date is in a strange country.
It means that the VictoriaHearts administration knows about the pitfalls of international online dating and helps members avoid them. Each member can order this service and get all the needed help with organizing the trip.

The VictoriaHearts team will help find an apartment, hire an interpreter and reserve a table in a good restaurant. They go even further than most premium services  by meeting them at the airport and accompanying them on the first date.

Is a scam?

Having used this site for several weeks, I can safely say that this is a legitimate dating platform that tries to satisfy the needs of its members. During this time, I haven’t noticed anything suspicious. Nobody has tried to lure money from me either.

I can summarize my user experience in these pros and cons:


  • Customer-oriented site with a friendly support team;
  • Nice design, easy to navigate;
  • Works well both on laptop and mobile devices;
  • Rich base of profiles of people who want to build a meaningful relationship;
  • Playful Faces search option
  • Request Meeting service that helps members to stay safe on the first date in another country.


  • It’s rather expensive;
  • Most members don’t know English well enough to communicate freely with Americans;
  • Too many e-mail notifications.


. With its 24-support team ready to investigate any reports of scam attempts, it’s apparent that Victoria Hearts has invested significantly in ensuring its members’ safety so chances are low to falling prey to tactics such as a fake profile. For instance, when you get serious enough with a potential mate to move onto Skype or phone calls, you can ask VictoriaHears to perform a mutual identity verification. All that’s required from your end is a photo ID scan and a simple application form (for U.S. citizens).


If you’re looking for something bigger than anonymous messenger-flirting that almost always ends with no results, I urge you to take advantage of the info gained from this Victoria Hearts review and create your profile in the next 15 minutes. Once you see the amazingly vast options of beautiful women available, paying quality money to interact with quality women will become an afterthought.



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