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The History Channel has taken the route of HBOs Game Of Thrones with its way back period peices. These days networks aren’t playing around. Shows like The Americans and The Carrie Diaries seem like they’re set in the future when put in comparison to the lkes ofVikings. Clive Standen star of the network’s first original scripted series chatted with BelloWatch about his experience on the show thus far. Don’t miss Standens feature interview in BELLO Magazine’s April issue.

The english actor, best known for playing Sir Gawain in Camelot is making a new name for himself in the Vikings universe as “Rollo.”

On preparing for the role. “I’ve really dug deep and developed Rollo in a way that I can understand and that viewers will to. There’s so much sides to him. Among so many other things he’s a brother, and at the end of the day this is a family drama. These characters have loved ones and children. Yes it’s set in this period that brings so much complexity into play but at the core, it’s essentially about a family.”

Vikings is the History Channel’s first attempt at scripted programming. And its premiere brought in an incredible amount of viewers– and in a world where ratings lead the way, Vikings sure knows where it’s going.

On the overwhelming response to the pilot: “I’m still so excited. You never know with these things. I love the show,a and I love the character. I’m letting out bits and pieces of Rollo’s personality during the series, and hopefully I get the chance to keep developing and revealing more of him throughout seasons.”

Keep on the lookout for the star’s full interview inside Bello Magazine, coming to you April 2013– only on Bellomag.com

Watch Vikings on The History Channel Sundays 1oPM.

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