Watch (Or Don’t) Nightcrawler New Trailer

To make sure I will never go and see a movie, give me a trailer with a car chase in LA, some gun shots and BIG ridiculous quotes all over the screen on top of rap music!

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 11.18.58 AM

Great news for me today, Open Road has released a new trailer for Nightcrawler and it has it ALL!

The only thing that may change my mind is the lead actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, for some reasons I trust his judgement when it comes to his roles, so I may give this movie a try.

“Jake plays as a driven, soulless wannabe who gets a fast car, a cheap camera and a police scanner and chases traffic accidents, murders and other violent incidents in hopes of getting film he can sell to a cellar-dwelling Los Angeles TV news producer. The pace is manic as the anti-hero proves there are no moral bounds to his ambition.”

See I like the description better than the actual trailer. One more reasons why I try to avoid watching most trailers.

In theaters Friday, Oct. 31st!

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