Watch: PHILIPP PLEIN – Noir Cowboy by Steven Klein


Steven Klein directed a short movie to introduce the PHILIPP PLEIN cowboy for Fall Winter 2014.

PHILIPP PLEIN will revive an epic Western atmosphere when he takes his Noir Cowboy onto the catwalk.The man that designer Philipp Plein envisions for the new Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection is a true modern-day cowboy. Strong, virile and passionate, he lives intensely and fearlessly, taking all risks in his stride. Nothing frightens him. He has done his very utmost to assert his identity and achieve success. He never forgets his origins, and looks back on the past to keep one step ahead of the future. He indulges his interests, including parties, women and fashion, and is always in search of new thrills. This extreme profile of the contemporary man is masterfully captured in a video by renowned American photographer Steven Klein, showcasing the intense appeal conveyed by physicality. Powerful images, black backgrounds and neon lights of the big city all underscore the graphic nature of chiselled and tattooed bodies as a manifesto of the daring and pioneering spirit of the true cowboy. The video appears instantly on opening the invitation to the Philipp Plein fashion show. The Noir Cowboy laid bare by Steven Klein will be outfitted with scrupulous care for the PHILIPP PLEIN catwalk.

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